Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mamayang Gabi Sa Sazi's Bar!!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

T.S.A.'s Back To Kindergarten: Paying Homage To The Pioneers

T.S.A., obviously influenced by the people who started the mayhem that is called Pinoy Punk, is coming out with an album called "Back To Kindergarten".

It is finally done, yep, as I am quite aware that the boys have been working on this for quite sometime. (First heard this from them around two years ago. Could be more. That long ago.)

T.S.A. will be back to perform on February 20, 2010 at Sazi's Bar in Espana. The new album will be sold at the gates. I received some tracks from the benevolent bounty of Ojie, T.S.A.'s ferocious drummer, and I am playing them now. The tracklist below:

1. Violent Dispersal (originally by R.D.A.) - T.S.A.
2. Hoy!!!!! (originally by Urban Bandits) - T.S.A.
3. Flush The Attitude (originally by Dead Ends) - T.S.A.

Doing covers is both fun and dangerous. To cover a song demands both the right intentions and the right treatment, and most bands. while having the noblest of intentions, fall short of injecting their creativity and flavour. I have yet to hear the entire album, but so far, it seems that T.S.A. is on the right track. Find out more when you guys get hold of the album.