Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MAIM's Less Talk, More Rock at Pasig

MAIM's CAMANAVA takeover gig is cancelled. Instead, an ad hoc hardcore gig is to take place in Pasig City on August 13. The following is the official word:

MAIM "Camanava TAKEOVER" show has been cancelled due to the local government's "takeover" on all liquor-selling establishments around Fatima College. Closure were issued on bars around the said school. We'd like to apologize to all the folks who are expecting us there. However, we will have an ad hoc hardcore show on AUGUST 13. Here are the details:



The Beauty of Doubt
Tame The Tikbalang
By Storm

Date: August 13, 2008 (wednesday) 8pm

C-5 Road corner Pasig Blvd. Bagong Ilog Pasig City

Gate? 30 cheap bucks
And, as always, see ya around, pipol.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Indio I's Swan Song?

I should have been somewhere else last Saturday, July 26. Somewhere south, to be exact. I got it all planned. But I was invited to see this rather special gig in Xaymaca. Special because, rumours have been afloat that it was to be Indio I's last gig.Implication: no more regular Indio I gigs every Saturday at Xaymaca. And, if rumours were to be believed, we've just lost another extremely competent band.

Indio I played a rousing set after Peace Pipe. They played their originals ("Di Mo Lang Alam", "S On My Chest", "Earth To Man" etc.) and their favorite covers ("Zimbabwe", "King Without A Crown", "Don't Turn Around" etc.) to the delight of the crowd. No announcements were made to confirm the rumours ... but some people in the crowd were seen to be crying towards the end of the set.

And finally, after giving in to one more request from a heckler after the set, the band left the stage, in spite of unusually persistent clamours from the crowd to play more. Are they gone for good? If they do come back they'd better be back really soon. Because, in all honesty, these guys will be sorely missed.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Magandang Umaga ... SONA na!

Eto ang SONA namin dito sa Trash Radio Manila.Ano ang sa inyo?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Malapit Na Ang SONA (o di niyo pa nababalitaan?)

Kaya makinig muna tayo kina Budoy ng Jr Kilat, Bobby Balingit ng The WUDS, at Gabby ng AMPON. At ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat, kay Mrs. Burgos, ina ni Jonas na magpahanggang ngayon ay nawawala....

Ang larawan ni Budoy ay hango sa MySpace ng kanilang banda.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 18 Part 1: The Theory of The Moebius

There is the theory of the Moebius. A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop, from which there is no escape. When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again.

- Lieutenant Commander Worf, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Time Squared”

Think of all the known genres in the music world as being part of an enormous music loop, defined as a piece of audio track repeated continuously and seamlessly. Imagine, for example, how it is to smoothly segue a hip-hop song into a dancehall track, then to reggae then to punk and hardcore, to psychobilly, and back. It may be possible, taking each genre singly, but to envelop all in a single Moebius strip demands more than just knowledge, passion, and good intentions.

It requires one to be at the right spot in the time-space-auditory continuum. And if you think you are in this spot right now, then welcome, my friends, to Trash Radio Manila's newest segment.

Orbital looped the above quotation off Star Trek in their track "Time Becomes", which then blends into The Beatmasters' "Ska Train". The diminutive but no less intimidating Lady Sovereign comes next with her 2006 hit "Public Warning", followed by Madness, whose taste for ska has evolved to accommodate collaborations with Sway and Baby Blue in a song called "Sorry".

As for Track number 5. Have you ever heard of The Funky Phantom?

I know. Freddie McGregor's "This Carry Go Bring Come (Chatty Chatty Mouth)" features the lovable pink cat Snagglepuss, who sounds a lot like The Funky Phantom, and for a good reason: their voices were provided by the late Daws Butler. Listen and be transported to a time when Hanna-Barbera cartoons lorded it on television. Have a great week, guys, and make sure you stay in the loop with us here at Trash Radio Manila ... NOT! Hah! Think again. Snagglepuss here is actually MC Snagglepuss, aka Snagga Puss, presently known as Mr. Balance. Confused yet? Snagga, or Norman Suppria in real life, referred to in some articles as "The Proteus of Jamaican Music", has assumed various persona throughout his musical career, but has remained constant in his love for cartoons, imitating the likes of Woody Woodpecker and Popeye in his works.

Finally, finally. Claude M'Barali, more popularly known as MC Solaar, the French rapper with a fancy for lyricism and complex musical phrases, completes the list with the song "Bling Bling".

The loop:

1. ORBITAL - Time Becomes
2. THE BEATMASTERS - Ska Train (12 Inch Mix)
3. LADY SOVEREIGN - Public Warning (Long Island Remix)
4. MADNESS - Sorry (ft. Sway & Baby Blue)
5. FREDDIE McGREGOR with SNAGGLEPUSS - This Carry Go Bring Come (Chatty Chatty Mouth)
6. MC SOLAAR - Bling Bling

Download nice bitrate episode here.

Photos from the sites above (just click the linkies).

So, you guys still in the loop? You better be :D

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fancy A Skankin' Date in San Fernando, Pampanga This Weekend?

Pampanga is home to great food: tocino, putong babi, buri, tamales, suam mais, and many many more. It is also home to The Marcos Cronies, who've been skankin' this part of Luzon for quite sometime. This weekend, you will have a chance to see them live alongside Shuffle Union, The Pulikats, Bunot All-Stars, Tata Moreng & The 1st Kara Band, and Wishstick in an event they call SKAFEST@GNK BAR on July 19, Saturday. GNK Bar, I presume, is situated along the McArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga. (If you guys get lost though, you can always ask around: Nocaring GNK? Dacal a salamat! - or something like that ;) ) Party starts at 7pm, and PHP75 comes with a free drink...

...for the drunken master in you! :D

(In photo: The Marcos Cronies with the drunken master)

As Promised

We're bringing you Part 2 of LONDON CALLING: A TRIBUTE TO JOE STRUMMER, a special documentary from BBC Radio2 which was aired around March 2003 and was available for download for about a week. We've already aired Part 1 a week ago on the occasion of our 100th post. Enjoy, people.

(Again, if you're the BBC, or if you have proprietary rights to this broadcast, and take offense at our tribute, please email us at trashradiomanila[at]gmail[dot]com.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

...And The WUDS Celebrate Their Silver Anniversary The Day After

Roughly three years ago, I was in the park: I chose a seat situated near the stage, and waited for the band to start playing. Three years have passed since then, shards of poignant memories piercing my consciousness.

For many compelling reasons, I can never forget that year. It was 2005.

Sunday, July 13, 2008. I was at the stone bench, which was nestled in the middle of the open-air auditorium of Rizal Park, waiting for the same band to play. Snippets from the award-winning independent movie Iskwaterpangk directed by Khavn De La Cruz were being shown in the background as the crowd waited for the program to start.

A few minutes after 6pm, music started to drift and fill the air. Then the words rang, each line evoking scenes of childhood.

"Kilala kita,
Ang champoy, ang sampaloc,
Ang pader ng St. Scholastica noong 1969...."

It was the voice of Bobby Balingit, singing about memories of the sea and home in The WUDS' "Time Space Warp", the ethereal feel of the song provided in part by their musician friends Ukay. Pinoy punk band The WUDS, whose music transcended the bounds of punk music with time, celebrated their 25th anniversary by playing at The Concert at the Park. With Bobby was Aji Adriano who kept the pace along with Dennis Fabunan, who played bass.

For an hour or so, the crowd was treated to songs both new and old, touching mostly on the band's favorite theme, economic and political issues. I was specifically struck by "Marianett", a song about a 12-year old girl who committed suicide because of poverty and how Bobby made a parallelism of the girl and the marionette, which is a string-controlled puppet.

Some songs previously recorded by Bobby's side project, Juan Isip, were also in the repertoire, like "Saranggola sa Gabi" (which did not appear in the programme), and the haunting "Ti Recuerdi, Joe?" The set ended with two vintage WUDS songs: "At Nakalimutan Ang Diyos" and "Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka", before the band enumerated their list of acknowledgements via a prolonged jam with Ukay.

And, like three years ago, I walked out of the auditorium marveling at the beauty of Bobby's lyrics, but this time wondering how his words seem to sound sadder and sadder with the passing of time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scenes From Throw's Second Album Launch


This happens to be the title of Throw's second album which was launched last July 12, 2008 at Center For Arts. And what a launch it was! It was an event meant to make everyone ecstatic. Amazing bands. Accessible location. Awesome sound system. A highly receptive crowd. Assorted merch for sale. Most of all, there was Al Dimalanta, who happens to be (as if you do not know by now) Throw's founder/vocalist/guitarist.

Time and again I would find myself raving about the works of this very talented man: his music, his photography, his writings. And the second album is testament to the fact that maturity has not slowed him a bit, and definitely, his well of creativity is full and far from drying up.

The bands:

The GoSignals played first, performing tight covers of The Who and The Jam, plus Private Stock's Future Generation. Mod galore!
Choke Cocoi came next. The first word that entered my mind: earnest. These ladies mean business.

The Beauty of Doubt finally resumes gigging. This band has been missed. Good to see them live once again.

Ronald and Albert of The Beauty Of Doubt: amusement written all over their faces.

Arnold Morales of Music Front hollered "This is the news of the world!" Apt, indeed.

Tame The Tikbalang actually played after Throw. Consistently fierce. The best part of their set? ANGST!Throw played a fantastic set of all-new songs. What can I say?
The crowd:To Spyk, Albert, Dennis and Al, congratulations!

Friday, July 11, 2008

ETO NAAAAAAA!!! Throw Album Launch Tonight!

We've waited a long time for this. Now the time has come.

Head over tonight to Center For Arts at Timog Avenue, Quezon City to be with Throw as they launch their second full-length album in a gig called Keeping The Faith! There is absolutely no reason for you to miss out on this. We have given you a preview of some of the tracks included in their spanking new album in the past playlist. The album is made up of one fierce track after another, so better bring some cash and buy their album, which, according to the band, should not cost you more than php200.

Throw will be supported by some of the most amazing bands to exist this part of the music world. Must I say (gasp) azteeeeeeg?! But they are heavyweights indeed: Go-Signals, Choke Cocoi, The Beauty Of Doubt, Music Front and Tame The Tikbalang!

We are temporarily setting aside the airing of the Joe Strummer tribute to give way to this event. And, before I forget...

See you at the gig.


Postscript: Akkk! Mabuti na lang may mga editor ;) Gracias!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Is Your Favorite Punk Band In The Top 100 List? TRASH RADIO MANILA'S 100TH POST!!!


Here at Trash Radio Manila, not only do we know good music, we also know good food!

First off, our heartfelt thank-you's to all of you who has passed by, perused, and left imprints on this site in one way or the other. Our utmost gratitude likewise goes out to the bands, the contributors, our subjects, and essentially everyone and everything that keep the scene going.

On this occasion, I am writing down the bands that made it to the Top 100 Punk Bands as voted by PunkForum users. You can read about the whole article here; if you want to see the forum itself, tick here.

Most of the bands that I like are in the list, but I would rearrange it if I have it my way. And wait, where are The Descendents, MDC, and Angelic Upstarts? At any rate, here is the list:

1. Dead Kennedys
2. The Clash
3. Bad Religion
4. The Ramones
5. Operation Ivy
6. Black Flag
7. Minor Threat
8. Streetlight Manifesto
9. Propagandhi
10. Bad Brains

11. Against Me!
12. Sex Pistols
13. Leftover Crack
14. Rancid
15. Choking Victim
16. Dropkick Murphys
17. NOFX
18. Gorilla Biscuits
19. The Misfits
20. Stiff Little Fingers

21. Fugazi
22. Refused
23. Minutemen
24. Subhumans
25. Circle Jerks
26. Iggy & the Stooges
27. The Adicts (photo from their MySpace site)
28. Cock Sparrer
29. The Suicide Machines
30. 7 Seconds

31. Social Distortion
32. The Dead Milkmen
33. Rise Against
34. Strike Anywhere
35. Flogging Molly
36. Catch 22
37. AFI
38. Sonic Youth
39. G.B.H.
40. Husker Du

41. Suicidal Tendencies (photo from this site)
42. Sham 69
43. Crass
44. The Velvet Underground
45. Television
46. The Damned
47. Conflict
48. The Filaments
49. Lower Class Brats
50. Kid Dynamite

51. X (photo from the band's site)
52. Against All Authority
53. Anti-Flag
54. A Wilhelm Scream
55. UK Subs
56. Link 80
57. New York Dolls
58. Discharge
59. Tiger Army
60. Richard Hell & the Voidoids

61. TSOL
62. The Adolescents
63. Patti Smith
64. Reagan Youth
65. MC5 (photo from this site)
66. Citizen Fish
67. Mission of Burma
68. Dag Nasty
69. Buzzcocks
70. World/Inferno Friendship Society

71. Fear
72. The Unseen
73. Less Than Jake
74. Aus-Rotten
75. Pennywise
76. A Global Threat
77. Flux of Pink Indians (photo from their MySpace site)
78. The Exploited
79. The Germs
80. The Casualties

81. Wire
82. Agnostic Front (photo from their MySpace site)
83. Good Clean Fun
84. Gang of Four
85. D.O.A.
86. Cockney Rejects
87. Toy Dolls
88. Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards
89. The Real McKenzies
90. Rudiments

91. The Adverts (photo from this site)
92. Bigwig
93. Good Riddance
94. Mojo Nixon
95. Forgotten Rebels
96. Mad Sin
97. I Farm
98. Defiance, Ohio
99. Ghost Mice
100. Atom and His Package

While we do love the Dead Kennedys, The Clash takes the top spot in our own list. You may be asking, how come we never feature our number one band in any of our previous playlists? Well, this time, on our 100th post, we are honoured to have in our playlist a special documentary from BBC Radio2. It was aired around March 2003 and was actually available for download but just for a week. I guess it might be difficult to come across these days. The title: LONDON CALLING - A TRIBUTE TO JOE STRUMMER. This is Part I; we are uploading Part II next time.

And if you're the BBC, or if you have proprietary rights to this broadcast, and take offense at our tribute, please email us at trashradiomanila[at]gmail[dot]com.

Enjoy, friends, and here's to more posts, more music, and more of the good stuff.

Pic creds: Photo of The Clash above is by Caroline Coon at theclashonline website. To your right: We have #41/5000 of the limited edition picture disc featuring Joe Strummer's cover of Redemption Song! This was released after his death by Hellcat Records.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 17 Part 3: I'm so glad I know more now than I knew then

And now, for our playlist.
1. STEVIE WONDER - "Higher Ground"
2. SOUL SURVIVORS - "Expressway to Your Heart"
3. TILT DOWN MEN - "Together"
4. RJ and the RIOTS - "Advertising Man"
5. THE BABOONS - "Teasin' Girl"
6. MIKE NESS - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
7. JOHNNY CASH - "It Ain't Me, Babe"
8. BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA - "Drink That Bottle Down"

Download high bitrate playlist here.

From the realm of 60s soul comes Stevie Wonder who appears on the list via my personal favorite "Higher Ground", covered a great number of times most notably by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Soul Survivors come next with a Billboard hit that saw resurgence sometime in the 1970s, "Expressway To Your Heart".

Philippine pop in the 1960s is likewise replete with quaint songs generated by bands (or more popularly known as "combos") like Tilt Down Men, Tito and Val Sotto's first group, and RJ and the Riots, as well as Orly Ilacad and the Ramrods, Soul Jugglers, Dynasouls and other similar acts. Tilt Down Men took after Dave Clark Five's music, while RJ and the Riots were more into surf. Their songs, "Together" and "Advertising Man", are in the list.

No Monkey Business, says the Belgian rockabilly group The Baboons in the front page of their website, and we are inclined to believe that. Their latest work, Boogie Curse, is released by the reliable Drunkabilly Records, home to Belgium's best of rockabilly, psychobilly, surf and what-have-you. Mike Ness and the late Johnny Cash, rogues both, also appear in the playlist. Capping this segment is a song from a marvelous artist who can play the most frantic trills on the fretboard and produce the crispest notes with ease and style. Brian Setzer and his orchestra invites you all to "Drink That Bottle Down".

There you have it. Hello and welcome to another week of higher learning. Contrary to popular belief that ignorance is bliss, what you do not know might actually kill you....

Photo of Brian Setzer from this site:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where Would You Put Ian Curtis' Grave Stone?

That is, supposing you had it, would you keep it in your bedroom?

Or would you sell it on eBay? Surely it would fetch much more compared to a cd sold by some cheap mediocrity. (Thanks for giving back our three hundred, we got cheap bottles of beer, instead. Cheers! :D)

Read about it here, here and here. Photo creds here.