Monday, July 7, 2008

Is Your Favorite Punk Band In The Top 100 List? TRASH RADIO MANILA'S 100TH POST!!!


Here at Trash Radio Manila, not only do we know good music, we also know good food!

First off, our heartfelt thank-you's to all of you who has passed by, perused, and left imprints on this site in one way or the other. Our utmost gratitude likewise goes out to the bands, the contributors, our subjects, and essentially everyone and everything that keep the scene going.

On this occasion, I am writing down the bands that made it to the Top 100 Punk Bands as voted by PunkForum users. You can read about the whole article here; if you want to see the forum itself, tick here.

Most of the bands that I like are in the list, but I would rearrange it if I have it my way. And wait, where are The Descendents, MDC, and Angelic Upstarts? At any rate, here is the list:

1. Dead Kennedys
2. The Clash
3. Bad Religion
4. The Ramones
5. Operation Ivy
6. Black Flag
7. Minor Threat
8. Streetlight Manifesto
9. Propagandhi
10. Bad Brains

11. Against Me!
12. Sex Pistols
13. Leftover Crack
14. Rancid
15. Choking Victim
16. Dropkick Murphys
17. NOFX
18. Gorilla Biscuits
19. The Misfits
20. Stiff Little Fingers

21. Fugazi
22. Refused
23. Minutemen
24. Subhumans
25. Circle Jerks
26. Iggy & the Stooges
27. The Adicts (photo from their MySpace site)
28. Cock Sparrer
29. The Suicide Machines
30. 7 Seconds

31. Social Distortion
32. The Dead Milkmen
33. Rise Against
34. Strike Anywhere
35. Flogging Molly
36. Catch 22
37. AFI
38. Sonic Youth
39. G.B.H.
40. Husker Du

41. Suicidal Tendencies (photo from this site)
42. Sham 69
43. Crass
44. The Velvet Underground
45. Television
46. The Damned
47. Conflict
48. The Filaments
49. Lower Class Brats
50. Kid Dynamite

51. X (photo from the band's site)
52. Against All Authority
53. Anti-Flag
54. A Wilhelm Scream
55. UK Subs
56. Link 80
57. New York Dolls
58. Discharge
59. Tiger Army
60. Richard Hell & the Voidoids

61. TSOL
62. The Adolescents
63. Patti Smith
64. Reagan Youth
65. MC5 (photo from this site)
66. Citizen Fish
67. Mission of Burma
68. Dag Nasty
69. Buzzcocks
70. World/Inferno Friendship Society

71. Fear
72. The Unseen
73. Less Than Jake
74. Aus-Rotten
75. Pennywise
76. A Global Threat
77. Flux of Pink Indians (photo from their MySpace site)
78. The Exploited
79. The Germs
80. The Casualties

81. Wire
82. Agnostic Front (photo from their MySpace site)
83. Good Clean Fun
84. Gang of Four
85. D.O.A.
86. Cockney Rejects
87. Toy Dolls
88. Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards
89. The Real McKenzies
90. Rudiments

91. The Adverts (photo from this site)
92. Bigwig
93. Good Riddance
94. Mojo Nixon
95. Forgotten Rebels
96. Mad Sin
97. I Farm
98. Defiance, Ohio
99. Ghost Mice
100. Atom and His Package

While we do love the Dead Kennedys, The Clash takes the top spot in our own list. You may be asking, how come we never feature our number one band in any of our previous playlists? Well, this time, on our 100th post, we are honoured to have in our playlist a special documentary from BBC Radio2. It was aired around March 2003 and was actually available for download but just for a week. I guess it might be difficult to come across these days. The title: LONDON CALLING - A TRIBUTE TO JOE STRUMMER. This is Part I; we are uploading Part II next time.

And if you're the BBC, or if you have proprietary rights to this broadcast, and take offense at our tribute, please email us at trashradiomanila[at]gmail[dot]com.

Enjoy, friends, and here's to more posts, more music, and more of the good stuff.

Pic creds: Photo of The Clash above is by Caroline Coon at theclashonline website. To your right: We have #41/5000 of the limited edition picture disc featuring Joe Strummer's cover of Redemption Song! This was released after his death by Hellcat Records.

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