Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Indio I's Swan Song?

I should have been somewhere else last Saturday, July 26. Somewhere south, to be exact. I got it all planned. But I was invited to see this rather special gig in Xaymaca. Special because, rumours have been afloat that it was to be Indio I's last gig.Implication: no more regular Indio I gigs every Saturday at Xaymaca. And, if rumours were to be believed, we've just lost another extremely competent band.

Indio I played a rousing set after Peace Pipe. They played their originals ("Di Mo Lang Alam", "S On My Chest", "Earth To Man" etc.) and their favorite covers ("Zimbabwe", "King Without A Crown", "Don't Turn Around" etc.) to the delight of the crowd. No announcements were made to confirm the rumours ... but some people in the crowd were seen to be crying towards the end of the set.

And finally, after giving in to one more request from a heckler after the set, the band left the stage, in spite of unusually persistent clamours from the crowd to play more. Are they gone for good? If they do come back they'd better be back really soon. Because, in all honesty, these guys will be sorely missed.

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