Friday, January 30, 2009

Missed Connections Coming At Ya This Saturday

If you've got nothing to do tomorrow, or even if you have something to do (time management lang naman ang katapat niyan), why don't you head over at Ten02 Bar at Timog Ave., Quezon City and check out this gig? Interesting line-up, and a lot more surprises. Just, drop by, ok? See you at the gig.

Holiday Gig #3: Escapo Gig Tour

"So many times have these shores been taken..."

Of course, you know what comes next if you are familiar with the song.

Eskapo, the well-loved Fil-Am band from Vallejo, California, was here during the first few weeks of January 2009, quite a fitting way to start the year. The gig at Cuerdas Bar over at Pasig City was well-attended and a whole lot of fun; Rupert, the band's vocalist, was a bundle of energy. The photographs we have here, though, are taken from their gig at Pullilan, Bulacan, courtesy of our good friends from Filter Zine.

Filter Zine also sat down with the band for an interview, which appears in the latest issue. Issue No. 6 also contains some album reviews. To get hold of Filter Zine and read the interview, check out Filter Zine's MySpace site here.

Take a look at Rupert and the boys below.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday Gig #2: Keb Darge Live at Cubao X, December 22, 2008

It was 4 in the morning of December 23. The Marika half of TRM was already whisked home and the friend half stayed on at Cubao X. Nearly everyone in the crowd were dropping like flies, out of exhaustion. The turntable was continuously churning northern soul and rockabilly tunes relentlessly, like there's no tomorrow. And Keb Darge, London's renowned funk, soul, and rockabilly DJ, was just as relentless, dancing along like he was the youngest person in the crowd.

"Oi bastards," Keb bellowed, "Get up! You, you lazy bald punk, why do you keep on nodding?" Or something to that effect. In fairness to the said punk, he was, alongside Keb, one of the few last men standing that night.

In reality, Keb Darge is a very nice gentleman. What impressed me more, however, is his passion for his craft. One just have to see him "at work" to understand what I mean: the way he thoughtfully goes over his records, makes his choices, pulls out a few discs, plays them, and dances in between spins. Mesmerizing.
Providing local support were Juan Pablo Dream, Bembol Rockers, Minister Zero and Caliph8. The crowd was a diverse mix of people coming from various scenes (punk, ska, hiphop, electronica, name it), all together dancing and having a good time for a seemingly unifying cause: good music. And for me, good music, regardless of imagined borders and outdated convictions, is all that ever matters.

To Keb, thank you very much for the music, and hope to see you in your favorite coffee place soon.

Juan Pablo Dream

Bembol Rockers

Bembol Boys clowning around with Glenn Mod and Hilboy

Minister Zero


Keb and Caliph8

Minister Zero and Lourd DV

Dancing Master

The crowd

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holiday Gig #1: Pasulong at Fourth Door Gallery, 20 December 2008

Before I give you photos of last Saturday's Louie Louie at Mogwai, let me tell you about some of the gigs that took place during the holidays.

I specifically want to mention this gig arranged by Dirty Shoes Collective in conjunction with Bisikleta Productions and Tae Productions. Pasulong is a small affair, almost like a party among friends, but what made it special was the venue. Fourth Door Gallery is what remains of an apartment situated along Karapatan St. in Sampaloc, Manila, with graffiti-filled walls and surprisingly OK acoustics. As far as I know, the place belongs to the family of Paulo of Pink Cow.

I saw four bands play that night: Steady Movin' Beat, Umble Uno, t.R.A., and Pink Cow. Here are some photos from the gig.

Steady Movin' Beat

Umble Uno


Pink Cow

The Crowd

Monday, January 19, 2009

Maraming Salamat sa Suporta sa Louie Louie!

It has been a fantastic night, on the whole. Last Saturday, January 17, bands and supporters flocked to Mogwai at Cubao X to celebrate our dear Weslu's second death anniversary via Louie Louie! In behalf of Bisikleta Productions, we at Trash Radio Manila would like to thank everyone who were in attendance, both physically and in spirit.

For the dynamite sound system, many many thanks to Rommel and the boys of PMX. Fantastic, as always!

I am putting up the photos and some accounts really really soon, so you guys wait up. Once again, our heartfelt gratitude for your support; most importantly, thank you for joining us in remembering a fallen comrade and a great friend. Til the next gig, folks.
Drumrolling in photo: Ryan of t.R.A. at Louie Louie, Jan 17

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...And Punishable Act is Coming Over, Too

If you have been little observant, you may have gone through our posters at the siderail and noted that Punishable Act, the German hardcore band hailing from Berlin, is coming over to the Philippines this week. One Voice Asia is bringing over the lads for a series of gigs in the Southeast Asian region. Providing support to the band is Meaning from Japan.

On January 16, Friday, Punishable Act will be at the Balibago Sports Complex in Sta Rosa, Laguna. They then fly over the next day to Cebu to do another gig (in time for the Sinulog festival, luckies), and Davao the day after. Sorry folks, no Manila leg as far as I know.

To give you an idea how the band sounds, I am attaching an mp3 of their song entitled "Hardcore Preacher" off From The Heart To The Crowd CD. Click to listen here; the mp3 will be available for a week. And for more info on both Punishable Act and Meaning, check out their MySpace sites. Better yet, hie off down south of Luzon and be treated to a night of brutal hardcore. And yes, check out the posters as well. Yay!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maximum Louie Louie! Sa Sabado Na!

On the occasion of Luis Guiang's second death anniversary, Trash Radio Manila and Bisikleta Productions present the tribute gig "Louie Louie" on January 17, Saturday, at Mogwai, Cubao X, Quezon City.

Luis, or Louie, is none other than Weslu, whose humour, talent, and good nature have touched the lives of many. That he is no longer with us physically is still a fact that takes some getting used to. Last year, a gig entitled Your Humble Musical Servant was held at the now defunct Purple Haze: bands and fans all paid tribute to the man who is considered by many in the scene as one of the best drummers of his generation. To say that the gig was a blast is an understatement.

This time, we have joined forces with Bisikleta Productions to give you "Louie Louie", and many old and new bands are coming in to play this Saturday. The line-up is formidable: Juan Isip (a.k.a. Bobby Balingit of The WUDS), Throw, The GoSignals, The Mighty Contras, Shuffle Union, The Andy Warhol (the new band put up by Urban Bandits and Music Front vocalist Arnold Morales), Beatdown Boombox, The Wayfarers, Pink Cow, Radioactive Sago Project, Steady Movin' Beat, The Nu Militants, t.R.A, Against Man, The Tolonguez Death Squad, Rocket Punch, Tether, End Of Sanity. Plus, there will be DJ spots for Twice The Panic, Soundblasters, and Minister Zero. The poster listing the bands should be out soon.

There will be no entrance fees. Semi-matinee performances (6 to 9 pm) will be participated in by the younger set; after which, the more senior bands will be treating us to acoustic or toned down performances, which is something to watch out for. So you may ask, how does a hardcore band deliver an acoustic set, anyway? Perplexed? Find out for yourself. Do come over this Saturday and party with us for Louie Louie, the way our very own Louie wants it to be.

Pic from Weslu's MySpace tribute site.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year, Happy 1st Anniversary

That was one long holiday wasn't it? Now we're back and slowly but surely getting into the grind.

And of course, along with the advent of the new year comes new hopes, renewed aspirations, and fresh starts. Oh, haven't I said yet that TRASH RADIO MANILA IS NOW ONE YEAR OLD?! W000t!

We will keep you updated, as always. And to put an end to your fretting over the interrupted "Holiday, Interrupted" gig, I want you guys to look at the poster at the top of the siderail.

Excited now? Stay tuned, kiddies.