Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday Gig #2: Keb Darge Live at Cubao X, December 22, 2008

It was 4 in the morning of December 23. The Marika half of TRM was already whisked home and the friend half stayed on at Cubao X. Nearly everyone in the crowd were dropping like flies, out of exhaustion. The turntable was continuously churning northern soul and rockabilly tunes relentlessly, like there's no tomorrow. And Keb Darge, London's renowned funk, soul, and rockabilly DJ, was just as relentless, dancing along like he was the youngest person in the crowd.

"Oi bastards," Keb bellowed, "Get up! You, you lazy bald punk, why do you keep on nodding?" Or something to that effect. In fairness to the said punk, he was, alongside Keb, one of the few last men standing that night.

In reality, Keb Darge is a very nice gentleman. What impressed me more, however, is his passion for his craft. One just have to see him "at work" to understand what I mean: the way he thoughtfully goes over his records, makes his choices, pulls out a few discs, plays them, and dances in between spins. Mesmerizing.
Providing local support were Juan Pablo Dream, Bembol Rockers, Minister Zero and Caliph8. The crowd was a diverse mix of people coming from various scenes (punk, ska, hiphop, electronica, name it), all together dancing and having a good time for a seemingly unifying cause: good music. And for me, good music, regardless of imagined borders and outdated convictions, is all that ever matters.

To Keb, thank you very much for the music, and hope to see you in your favorite coffee place soon.

Juan Pablo Dream

Bembol Rockers

Bembol Boys clowning around with Glenn Mod and Hilboy

Minister Zero


Keb and Caliph8

Minister Zero and Lourd DV

Dancing Master

The crowd

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