Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 11 Part 3: Nagugutom Ka Na Ba?

"Let me tell you 'bout your blood, bamboo kid.
It ain't Coca-Cola, it's RICE."

- The Clash, "Straight To Hell"

The Philippines happens to be the 8th among the world's top rice-consuming countries as of 2003 , and continues to be so till now. We definitely know that this country is still largely agricultural (but this may not be the case over the next few years, what with the rapid conversion of farm lands into subdivisions, industrial compounds and the like), and rice is and will always be a staple crop. That the Philippines used to be self-sustaining as far as rice production is concerned is practically a thing of the past, as it now relies on rice imported from its neighboring countries.

Pathetic, yes? Rice shortage is definitely one of the issues that hit us hard , for isn't food one of man's basic needs? Thus we have given this segment the nagging title "Nagugutom Ka Na Ba? (Are You Hungry Yet?)"

The playlist:

2. PAN - "Kawatan"
3. URBAN BANDITS - "Do You Rebel Rebel" (1984 demo)
4. THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT - "Death To Us All"
5. DEANS DECEMBER - "Things Are Getting Complicated"

For high bitrate version of this playlist, click here.

Radioactive Sago Project say it all too well and eloquently in "Foodtrip" ("Ang dali-dali nang maggisa...ang bansa natin dahan-dahang ginigisa, ang taongbayan piniprito sa sariling dugo at pawis, pero di bale, masarap naman..."), while Pan's "Kawatan", which is another term for "thief", is self-explanatory.

Third on our list is a 1984 demo of Urban Bandits' "Do You Rebel Rebel" (or, as some people call it "And I Know Why"), which I daresay has never been played elsewhere. The Beauty Of Doubt comes next with the angry "Death To Us All".

Finally, the sorely missed Binky Lampano can be heard here with his band Deans December; come to think of it, when was the last time you heard "Things Are Getting Complicated"?

That's all we have for this episode folks. See y'all next week, and do stay away from complications. ;)

Pic at right: The Beauty Of Doubt live at Center For Arts, Timog Ave, QC, last Nov 2006

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 11 Part 2: Punk Ba 'To?


Things are getting a bit busy at our end. But we do have this wonderful playlist to keep you company during the midweek.

1. THE MARS VOLTA - "Wax Simulacra"
2. ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION with Chuck D. - "Black Steel (in the Hour of Chaos)"
3. HELMET and HOUSE OF PAIN - "Just Another Victim"
4. BODY COUNT - "Body Count's in the House"
5. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - "Join the Army"
6. BANE - "What Holds Us Down"
7. CAUSE FOR ALARM - "Hole We Live In"

Now if you guys are up to some metaphysical stuff, I would like to direct you to an article I read over at The Mars Volta's website which detailed how their latest album The Bedlam In Goliath came into being. "Wax Simulacra", the first track on our playlist, comes from the said album, whose genesis happens to be "one of the weirdest in the history of modern music", as the said article asserts in earnest.

If, on the other hand, the metaphysical isn't your thing, or patience is simply not one of your best virtues, then just groove along with the rest of our playlist which includes Asian Dub Foundation, Helmet & House Of Pain, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies, Bane, and Cause For Alarm. It's a great playlist. Promise. :)

Click here for high bitrate version of this playlist.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 11 Part 1: LIKE A JUGGLER RUNNING OUT OF HANDS

Happy Easter folks and welcome to our 11th episode.

Here is this segment's playlist:

1. ELVIS COSTELLO and the ATTRACTIONS - "Welcome To The Working Week (Pathway Studios Demo)"
2. SUGGS - "I'm Only Sleeping"
3. BAD RELIGION - "Kerosene"
4. VOLBEAT - "Radio Girl"
5. DOGS OF IRE - "Let's Not Leave Like This"
6. URBAN RIOT - "Skindergarten"
7. I.O.V. - "Yankees"
8. G.I. and the IDIOTS - "Nine Years in Service"
9. JUAN DELA CRUZ BAND - "Project"

A high bitrate version of the playlist can be downloaded here.

As you may have probably noticed, we have included a sprinkling of tracks from two Fil-Am and three all-Pinoy bands. Dogs Of Ire are from California; "Let's Not Leave Like This" comes from the album "Reach For The Burning". A Fil-Am band to a lesser extent (because only one out of five members is Filipino), Urban Riot, which have sadly disbanded last 2006, come from New York City. I.O.V. and G.I. and the Idiots, rollicking bands off the legendary 80s Pinoy Punk era, each contribute a song to the list.

It might come as a surprise that we have included Juan Dela Cruz Band in our playlist. I was surfing the net a few nights ago and came across a few blogs talking about the etymology of the word "Jeprox". A blog post says that "Jeprox" is short for "Jeepney Rock", pertaining to the hard rock music being played in jeepneys that ply the streets of Manila in the 70s. The meaning of the term "Jeprox", the post asserts, has been extended to include young males "who sported long hair and lived the rock n' roll lifestyle".

I wish to bring the post's definition of "Jeprox" (or "Jeproks", for that matter) to another level.

IMHO, "Jeprox" roughly pertains to the Projects (Project 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), and of course, its denizens, who were mostly perceived to have been more morally upright (read: benign folks) as opposed to their more urbane counterparts (who lived in the real urban jungles of Manila), and needless to say, were more "rock" than anyone else.

Now, if we'd have to think further, we'd have to remember that in the late 1970s, the Projects were regarded as suburban areas, home to the middle class families. And Pinoy Rock, by then, had gained much of its popularity (and consequent notoriety), so much so that it was nearing mainstream levels, if it hadn't actually hit at all. As a natural outcome, Pinoy Rock had begun to somehow take a banal, boring route. Very suburban, very safe. Thus, the term Jeproks (or Jeprox, for that matter) was actually more derogatory than a moniker of praise. (Think "punkilitos" or "kupaw", or even "jologs", depending on which generation you come from.)

Ironically, some of Pinoy Rock's most enduring icons came from the Projects (or at least the nearby vicinities). (Think of Kamuning Road juxtaposed to Projects 2 and 3.)

Quick! Show me the way to Kawilihan Bakery. Map courtesy of

It is safe to say that out of these doldrums of long hair and forever-lasting guitar solos came the monster that was punk rock --- loud, fast, and rabid.

OT but not quite: The mini-buses flying across EDSA were definitely more rock 'n' roll than the jeepneys in the gutter (except those plying the Marikina, Antipolo, and Rizal routes, of course).

So, if anyone disagrees, sue me then. We are all entitled to one another's opinions. ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

What's The Buzz? This Is What's Happening

What's the Buzz
Strange Thing Mystifying
Damned For All Time
Blood Money
Trial Before Pilate

For high bitrate playlist, click here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 10 PART 3: More for the Road

It was a Maundy Thursday.

Ignoring the tempting call of the beach and the highlands, I have opted to stay put in Manila throughout the entire long weekend. So I was going around the city and found some usual sights associated with the observance of the Lenten season, i.e., mini-Senakulos, makeshift Stations of the Cross. The works.

In the middle of a street somewhere in Mandaluyong I saw this.
The actor playing the role of Christ was supposedly receiving whiplashes from the "Roman soldiers", which lasted for like two minutes. People started drawing closer to the scene, prompting policemen to drive the audience away due to impending traffic build-up.

"Tabi kayo, tabi kayo (Move back, move back)," said one, motioning the crowd away. I of course stepped back. But then the policeman saw me back up, and he said, "Ma'am, huwag po kayo umalis, sila lang. Lapit po kayo. (Ma'am, please don't step back. Come nearer.)"

Before I could say anything the actors - Christ, Jews, Roman Soldiers - started posing in front of me. Ah, the power of the camera. So we came up with this playlist, thinking we ought to watch more serious reenactments outside the city and bring some music to accompany us in the highway. Maybe you'd like to share the same playlist with us as well. Here it is:

1. TOY DOLLS - "Florence is Deaf"
2. OINGO BOINGO - "Violent Love"
3. THE BEACH BOYS - "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
4. THE JAM - "(Love is Like a) Heatwave"
5. OK GO - "Here It Goes Again"
6. THE SMITHS - "Still Ill" (Peel Sessions)
7. THE REZILLOS - "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures"

For the high fidelity version, click here.

I just have to add. The song "Still Ill" goes out to a woman named Joanne, who professes undying love and devotion for a man named Steven Patrick, who may be more popularly known by his surname, Morrissey.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 10 PART 2: One for the Road

You know how it is this time of the year. People take to the beach or the highlands to take advantage of the holidays, or stay put to observe the Lenten season. Or both. Or none. I personally think Manila is one of the best places to be this week if you want some peace and quiet (NO TRAFFIC!!!). Then again, we have prepared a list of songs for you to feed your player as you hit the road en route to your destination of choice. Here goes:

1. BAD BRAINS - "Leaving Babylon"
2. ORANGE STREET - "Road Runners"
3. JOE JACKSON - "Beat Crazy"
4. TOMMY McCOOK & STRANGER COLE - "Last Flight to Reggae City"

For high bitrate version of this playlist, click here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 10 Part 1: 'YAN ANG GUSTO KO!

And for tonight's playlist:

1. MADNESS - "One Step Beyond" (Live in L.A.)
2. BAD MANNERS - "Special Brew"
3. MADNESS - "Cardiac Arrest" (Extended Mix)
4. BAD MANNERS - "Sally Brown"
5. MADNESS - "It Must Be Love" (off of MADSTOCK)
6. PUT3SKA - "Voltes V Medley" (Live at the 1997 NU Rock Awards)

Download high bitrate version of playlist

'Yan Ang Gusto Ko!

Sino nga ba si Skataba?

Hey you! Skataba with Put3ska's Arnold Morales and Bing Austria

Skataba is Mr. Daryl Orchard, an Englishman who has been very fortunate to be in the birthplace of punk rock when it exploded. Daryl is also a survivor of the illustrous era of ska revival that took place some years later. He eventually left the comforts of first world living in London to go to the Southeast Asian islands. Skataba spent a great deal of time here in the Philippines, and was pretty much known in the scene which Put3ska spawned in the 1990s when they bombarded the airwaves with their brand of ska music.

If you had the chance to see Put3ska in the past, or are lucky to have seen the video of their cover of the College's classic "Manila Girl", you may have spotted Skataba doing his wacky dance moves a la Madness. Aside from being a dancefloor delight, he also wrote the liner notes for Put3ska's first album. I have personally heard a lot of good words about this man who has become a dear friend of the local ska scene. Daryl eventually left our shores to live and work in Thailand, and is definitely missed.

So imagine the excitement of his friends when Skataba sneaked in Manila to visit his mates a few days ago. It was my first time to meet Daryl last Friday, March 14, 2008, at Gweilos Bar along Palanca St. in Makati City during the album tour of Coffee Break Island. I am just too glad I did (So glad, I lost count of the bottles of beer I consumed that night. Ugh.). It only confirmed everything good that has been said about him. That he is cute, witty, and that his command of the Tagalog dialect is very very impressive (Examples: "Matagal pa ba ang beer namin?" and "Hindi na ako marunong mag-Tagalog!" He speaks Bisaya too: "Maayong gabi-i." Heheh.). That this man's prowess in the dancefloor has not faded over the years, and that he remains well-loved. He struck me as introspective, a tad sentimental, and very down-to-earth, and most probably, people who know him better will have a lot more to add to the list of his endearing qualities.

To Skataba, it's a great honor to meet you. As promised, here are some photos. Hope to see you and your extremely engaging dance steps soon.

Many thanks to Luv G. Nogoy for lending us some pics. Above pics show Skataba dancing to the music of Coffee Break Island, clowning around with the group, and sharing interesting tales with some good friends.

RMD Celebrates Anniversary at Dayo Bar

Rare Music Distributors celebrated its anniversary last Thursday, March 13 . Cheers to the boys and girls! Some photos from that night's gig:

Polaroid moments: poster, Dead Brain, Rhady of Hard K, Bloodshedd, Music Front, funboy three, musical youth, Philippine Violators, Hard K, the boys of summer

Thursday, March 13, 2008

...And Because It's Thursday...

... I have Friday on my mind.

After which comes the weekend :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rejected Sounds: Bystorm and T.S.A. Live In Singapore

By now many of you have heard that Bystorm is currently making their rounds in Singapore and Malaysia, armed with their brand of hardcore. They have gone a long way since I last saw them in March 2006 during the Free The Eleven Solidarity Gig at the defunct Kolumn Bar in Timog. Best wishes to these guys. You may want to check out their MySpace site here.

One of the gigs that has Bystorm lined up is entitled "Rejected Sounds", a hardcore gig produced by Prohibited Projects featuring Nanny State Noise, Steve Towson, Zai Kuning (all three are from Singapore), and our very own T.S.A. So if you live somewhere near Bugis Market Area, or will be in Singapore or in Malaysia by March 16, or are simply too rich to afford a flight to the lion city in a jiff, then do check out this gig. For more details, please refer to the poster below.

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 9 Part 2: Acquired Tastes

Good Wednesday afternoon, friends, and welcome to Part 2 of Episode 9.

We have included songs from bands whose works demand a certain degree of appreciation. All of these bands - The Undertones, Jawbreaker, Rites of Spring, The Party Of Helicopters and its equally illustrous precursor Harriet The Spy, and Hüsker Dü - are excellent in their own special way, and it takes a few spins for most to realise this fact. Thus the title of today's segment, "Acquired Tastes".

"Acquired Tastes" may also be doublespeak for rarities that we are very fortunate to have found in the dustbin (for instance, see pic of Jawbreaker vinyl, a very rare piece of wax which we bought for a song). Yabang much? Nope, just ecstatic :D

And since we're talking about Jawbreaker here, do check out this site. It appears to be a comprehensive Jawbreaker site, containing infos on releases, lyrics, stories behind the lyrics and stuff. The story behind the creepy voice towards the middle part of the song "Split" can be found here.

I strongly suggest that you get a hold of all of these bands' works. Now this is going to be enormous work specifically with Harriet The Spy. Then again, it is such a shame to miss out on these guys who seemed to have lost in the battle of popular airplay by default, so here goes. Check out this playlist.

1. THE UNDERTONES - "Wednesday Week"
2. JAWBREAKER - "Split"
3. RITES OF SPRING - "By Design"
5. HARRIET THE SPY - "All the Strings"
6. HüSKER Dü - "Whatever"

And I do thank ALBjornstad for reminding me last night what Hüsker Dü means.

Altered images: Hüsker Dü logo, Jawbreaker red vinyl, Rites Of Spring

For high bitrate version of the playlist, click here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because It's Tuesday...

... will love you till Tuesday ...

Well I might stretch it till ... Saturday ....

(da da da dum to you, happy jack :) kisses)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 9 Part 1 (IT'S STILL ALL ROCK N ROLL)

Welcome Monday, Welcome Episode 9!

The playlist:

1. THE LIVING END - "Monday"
2. GAZA STRIPPERS - "Catfight"
3. NEW BOMB TURKS - "Rat Feelings"
4. HELLBILLYS - "Rockabilly Rumble"
5. THE CANNIBALS - "Garbage Man"
6. ELVIS HITLER - "Flat Head Boogie"
7. BRIAN SETZER - "Stray Cat Strut" (Live)

This week's first segment is a mish-mash of tunes traversing the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. It's a rattling kettle of rockabilly, psychobilly, full-bore rock n roll, trash rock (hahahah, sounds like trash radio), what-have-you.

The Australian band The Living End kicks off with "Monday", followed by the Midwesterners Gaza Strippers and New Bomb Turks. From the Bay area come the psychobilly stalwarts Hellbillys (they've been around since 1989!) with "Rockabilly Rumble", as well as The Cannibals with "Garbage Man".

Elvis Hitler, the band with the delightful monicker, does "Flat Head Boogie" from the album with an equally delightful name, Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious, released in 1992. Capping everything off is Brian Setzer, a supremely excellent guitarist and musician, playing "Stray Cat Strut" live in front of a predominantly Japanese crowd off the Rockin By Myself DVD.

Photo Credits: Hellbillys logo comes from their website, Elvis picture is from Check them out!

Download high bitrate version of this playlist here.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 8 Part 3: THE MOON IS MINE

Bad news in the papers
Bad news for this sinner’s wages
But the moon is mine
Yeah the moon is mine
-- Fairground Attraction

1. GERHANA SKA CINTA - "Brand New Day"
2. SHUFFLE UNION - "Lovestruck"
4. GLADYS KNIGHT and the PIPS - "Let It Be"
5. AMY WINEHOUSE - "Rehab"
6. THE SELECTER - "Blood And Fire"

For more of Gerhana Ska Cinta, visit their MySpace site, click here.

Shuffle Union's MySpace site here.

And if you want a high bitrate version of this playlist, click here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Country, Philippines

"I cannot make kurakot here, I cannot cheat* here, because I love my homeland, Philippines" - Yoyoy

*He might as well have said shit instead of cheat.

1. YOYOY VILLAME - "My Country, Philippines"
3. JR KILAT - "Hoy Agta!"
4. ALTON ELLIS - "Can't Stand It" (Extended Mix)
5. SUGGS - "Camden Town" (Long Island Dub Studio Remix)

Want high bitrate version of this playlist? Click HERE.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jed Escueta: On His Brand Of Photography And Being A "Triumphant Amateur"

As promised, we are posting what transpired during our interview with Jed Escueta, off the Escuebaks photo exhibit/gig held last Wednesday, February 27, 2008, at the Big Sky Mind in E. Rodriguez St., Quezon City.

While Jed seems to me a mild-mannered, unassuming gentleman, I still had to ask the help of Albert Ascona to get the guy to join us and agree to answer a few questions over a few bottles of beer. So do read on.


We are now at your art exhibit. Ito ba ang first exhibit mo?

Jed Escueta: No. Actually ito ang first exhibit ng kuya ko. Sa totoo lang matagal na niya akong iniimbita na sumama sa kanya. Of course, since kuya ko, payag ako sa collaboration. Sinabi ko sa kanya, dapat may tugtugan din.

Since we're talking about art, what exactly do you do?

Jed: Since around 1999, I take photos, I focused on my photographs. Nag-exhibit ako sa mga galleries since mga 1999, 2000, up to now....I'm an active exhibiting artist, nakakasali sa mga group shows, at nagkaroon ng mga opportunity for solo exhibitions.

Being a photographer associated with the punk rock scene, do you consider yourself a schooled photographer or do you consider your art as DIY?

Jed: Nakapag-enrol naman ako sa workshop ng photography, pero dito sa Pilipinas walang major in Photography, walang nag-o-offer ng totoong course in Photography, so ang learning process ko is very limited. Constant practice ako, practice lang ng practice ... palagay ko doon pumapasok ang DIY. Eventually nagkakaroon ako ng sariling consistency, sariling pattern sa mga photographs. Most of my energy goes into the study of my photographs.

How do you define your art/photography?

Jed: Di rin ako masyadong malayo sa average na hobbyist na interested in photography. Anyone with a camera can take pictures and create some sort of a visual diary. But I see to it na pinag-aaralan ko ang pictures ko. I go back to the works of old photographers, local or foreign, naghahanap ng similarities sa work nila. So parang, ako ay triumphant amateur. (chuckles)

Sa tingin mo, paano magiging relevant ang photography sa panahon ngayon, given the social situation?

Jed: Ngayon, tingin ko mas madali dahil may internet, one can post photos online. Sa tingin ko mahalaga pa rin na pag-aralan ang bawat shots, kasi para sa akin very personal ang photography. Mas buhay na buhay ngayon ang photography, sa dami ng mga cameras (sa market) and anyone can just get one and take a photograph...pero double edged sword din, kasi lahat ngayon puwedeng maging photographer...parang masyadong photo-based na ang mundo ngayon.

Being Jed Escueta, how would you differentiate your style from the other photographers?

Jed: Yung key siguro is nagfo-focus ako sa sarili ko talaga, kung ano ang interest ko. Katulad ng punk scene, gusto ko manood at makinig, so nade-define din ang work ko. Tapos yung friends ko, katulad dito sa show ko ngayon na panay family portraits .... Hard to say, pero ang hinahanap ko ay pure moments, unadulterated, unorchestrated. Sinusubukan kong kumuha ng photo na di ko masyadong aayusin in a way. Hindi naman candid shots pero ...

Mayroong sense of impulse.

Jed: Oo! Mayroong sense of spontaneity, sense of rawness, di masyadong clean. There's nothing wrong with that, but I guess ... I just get compelled, I don't know why. Tapos pag-aaralan ko na lang afterwards. Masaya ang process. Kahit ngayon naman na matagal na akong kumukuha (ng photographs), meron pa ring nakakagulat ... natututo pa rin ako ....

Who do you consider as your heroes?

Jed: Madami din. Si Man Ray, si Nan Goldin...yung kuha nila very basic, very emotionally charged. Si Man Ray far out din, ang bansag sa kanya ay Father of Surrealist Photography...tinitingnan niya kung ano pa ang puwedeng gawin outside the bounds of the machine (camera). Marami din akong painters who I look up to.


Jed has used a good number of cameras, among them Nikon FM2, Canon 30D, Holga, Lomo LCA, Olympus 35rc, and Lubitel Universal. Personally, I am not very well-versed in photography (but I swear I know who Man Ray is!), but I know enough to say that Jed's photos are, indeed, introspective, with a sense of rawness, as Jed himself would admit. I wish to see more of his gig
photos, though.

Many many thanks to Albert Ascona for putting in a whole lot of input in the interview, and, of course, to Jed Escueta, for his time and generosity.

Trash Radio Manila Episode 8 Part 2: FRAILTY THY NAME IS WOMAN

Thus goes the often-quoted (oftentimes out of context at that) line off Shakespeare's Hamlet. In commemoration of International Women's Month, we have prepared an all-estrogen playlist for tonight.

First on the list is Justine Frischmann and the rest of Elastica with a Trio cover, "Da Da Da." Next is another cover, this time of a James Brown song, by The Flying Lizards, a group that was, according to Mark Allen, "... arranged according to the laws of chance."

Off the CD-1 of the Ladykillers single comes the third song on the list, "Ex" by Lush, followed by Family Fodder and their brilliant song "Debbie Harry". The Portland, Oregon-based The Epoxies, fronted by a woman interestingly called Roxy Epoxy, does "Stop Looking At Me." Capping the segment is the duo The Raincoats and "Don't Be Mean."

The list:

1. ELASTICA - "Da Da Da"
2. FLYING LIZARDS - "Sex Machine"
3. LUSH - "Ex"
4. FAMILY FODDER - "Debbie Harry"
5. THE EPOXIES - "Stop Looking At Me"
6. THE RAINCOATS - "Don't Be Mean"

Download the high bitrate version of the playlist here.