Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 9 Part 2: Acquired Tastes

Good Wednesday afternoon, friends, and welcome to Part 2 of Episode 9.

We have included songs from bands whose works demand a certain degree of appreciation. All of these bands - The Undertones, Jawbreaker, Rites of Spring, The Party Of Helicopters and its equally illustrous precursor Harriet The Spy, and Hüsker Dü - are excellent in their own special way, and it takes a few spins for most to realise this fact. Thus the title of today's segment, "Acquired Tastes".

"Acquired Tastes" may also be doublespeak for rarities that we are very fortunate to have found in the dustbin (for instance, see pic of Jawbreaker vinyl, a very rare piece of wax which we bought for a song). Yabang much? Nope, just ecstatic :D

And since we're talking about Jawbreaker here, do check out this site. It appears to be a comprehensive Jawbreaker site, containing infos on releases, lyrics, stories behind the lyrics and stuff. The story behind the creepy voice towards the middle part of the song "Split" can be found here.

I strongly suggest that you get a hold of all of these bands' works. Now this is going to be enormous work specifically with Harriet The Spy. Then again, it is such a shame to miss out on these guys who seemed to have lost in the battle of popular airplay by default, so here goes. Check out this playlist.

1. THE UNDERTONES - "Wednesday Week"
2. JAWBREAKER - "Split"
3. RITES OF SPRING - "By Design"
5. HARRIET THE SPY - "All the Strings"
6. HüSKER Dü - "Whatever"

And I do thank ALBjornstad for reminding me last night what Hüsker Dü means.

Altered images: Hüsker Dü logo, Jawbreaker red vinyl, Rites Of Spring

For high bitrate version of the playlist, click here.

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