Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 10 PART 2: One for the Road

You know how it is this time of the year. People take to the beach or the highlands to take advantage of the holidays, or stay put to observe the Lenten season. Or both. Or none. I personally think Manila is one of the best places to be this week if you want some peace and quiet (NO TRAFFIC!!!). Then again, we have prepared a list of songs for you to feed your player as you hit the road en route to your destination of choice. Here goes:

1. BAD BRAINS - "Leaving Babylon"
2. ORANGE STREET - "Road Runners"
3. JOE JACKSON - "Beat Crazy"
4. TOMMY McCOOK & STRANGER COLE - "Last Flight to Reggae City"

For high bitrate version of this playlist, click here.

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