Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indefinite Leave Of Absence For Trash Radio Manila

My dear friends,

This is one announcement that I have always dreaded to make. Trash Radio Manila is almost like a child to me. You guys know that Trash Radio Manila is a brain child of Je Bautista and myself, and every moment spent in updating this blog is memorable. I have taken care of this precious child for more than 3 years, and I have nothing but gratitude for the times you have spent with our precocious child.

Sometimes, however, the odds are just seemingly too insurmountable. The last straw has got to do with the internet connection being practically denied of me. (I need not explain further, except that I am in a place 3 hours from Manila where I "borrow" internet connection and where certain people have a penchant for insulting a person's personal and professional status. However, this is one different story, sorry, the discussion stops right here.)

What does this mean? It means that I am forced to put Trash Radio Manila into hibernation. That Trash Radio Manila will enter an indefinite leave of absence. Typing this statement alone is already giving me chest pain, to say to the least. Sorry that I have to make this grave announcement.

Trash Radio Manila will be back, that much I can assure you. I just do not know when. There are just too many things that limit me. I tried very hard to keep this site running, but the last of the strings that bind me to my obligation to maintain Trash Radio Manila has snapped. I ask for your understanding. Je would not exactly agree with this, but I know Je better for me to say that he has always trusted my judgment.

My support for the local scene will never waver, in spite of some events and issues that have kept me down at times. I have always loved the people who have kept the scene going. My contribution to the local music scene was not much, really, as far as I am concerned, when I think about all the other people that have made gargantuan contributions and have defined the kind of sound that we have always wanted to patronize. Trash Radio Manila has always been geared towards breaking all these musical barriers into only two classifications that we can all be definite about: MUSIC THAT WE LIKE, MUSIC THAT WE DON'T LIKE.

Thus, with a heavy heart, I put this blog site to a temporary reprieve.

The playlists are still accessible, and you can still enjoy listening to them while Trash Radio Manila is in hibernation.

Peace and love.