Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh? And Along Comes Issue 4? :D :D :D

It only goes to show that I am way out of radar coverage. In photo is the ad to Issue 4 of Konspirazine. Thanks again to Jep. Check it out, and support the zines!

Who Does Not Know Konspirazine?!

Of course I do! Jep Peligro is one of the most enduring figures in the zine arena in recent times. I just want to say this. The third album of Konspirazine is now out! The contents look very enticing. So. You know what to do next, yes? Grab!^^

Ah, For The Love Of Blogging (...and, sige na nga, for the love of Pinkcow :P)

Moi, Marika, harassed author of Trash Radio Manila is NOT in Manila. I am in a semi-secret place north of my Makati crib. Which means...less internet time (since my laptop has long been down and out)...less chance to do blog updates...and still no new playlist, contrary to what I promised you guys.

I need not explain that I am presently working on a borrowed computer, borrowed internet connection, without any Adobe Photoshop, Audacity program, without my portable hard drives. So, bear with this folks.

[Seriously, being away from the internet is actually...nice...:) This is something that internet addicts should really try....there's life way beyond the pixels.^^]

 Paulo singing for The Strayguns

 The Strayguns

The GoSignals 

The tracks of my teeeaaaarrsss ...:) 

And yes...can you all just wait a little more for that Pinkcow playlist? Just, wait for me to get back home in Manila. I promise to make it nice enough to entice you guys to buy their album. Seriously, this is a cool body of work from the boys. Double disc pa.

To make up for my faults (and to profess my affection for the Pinkcow crew, heehee), I am putting up some photos from their March 19 gig over at Hades Bar courtesy of Bisikleta Productions. Sigh, that was fun...though I was low-batt for the most part of the gig. Must be the herbs. :P

The New Trend was there, they were the first band to play, followed by The Strayguns. The subsequent sequence seems like a blur to me now, but I sure remember that The Exenadors, The Sneekers, Steady Movin' Beat, Umble Uno, Crooked Beat, and The GoSignals played.

Steady Movin' Beat

Crooked Beat
Capping the night was the piece de resistance, Pinkcow. Unfortunately I lost consciousness after a couple of songs and found myself lying on MY bed, the sun up and shining bright on my streaked face. Arrgh.

Francis of Pinkcow

The horny back-ups
Some things to watch out for. The GoSignals, I feel, are nearing the completion of their much-awaited album. Try to catch them as frequently as you can to get to here their originals. Really good! Also watch out for Crooked Beat. The kids from Batangas sound truly promising. I am looking forward to see this band in the gigs to come.

How to get hold of a Pinkcow album? Simple. Go to the gigs. Or check them out at Facebook. It will be worth your bucks. See you all at the gigs. ^^ And as for me...I will be back to my homebase soon as well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

...and yes, I Think About and Pray For Japan, Too (and try to do my miniscule share...)

The Philippines and Japan have a long, arduous, and enduring friendship. I know of many friends, Filipino or non-Filipino, who have held the Japanese people in high respect and admiration.

The recent Japan tragedy is yet another testament to the resilience, calm, and honor that this race is showing the whole world.

Off-topic? I just have to write this, even if it does seem to be off the theme. I have a good number of Japanese friends and I think of them so often, now more than ever.

My thoughts and prayers to the race that I admire so much.

Holy Cow, It's Pinkcow!

Finally! Finally for me who (finally) managed to put up this long-overdue post....and finally for the fun boys of Pinkcow for releasing their new album!

(Photo from the Cubao X gig last Feb 2011)

The boys started their album promotion last February 4 at Cubao X and since then made their rounds in bars. Tomorrow marks the last day of their album tour.It will be at Hades Bar tomorrow, and the band will be supported by fellow rollicking friends like The GoSignals, Steady Movin' Beat, The Sneekers, Crooked Beat, The Strayguns, and The Exenadors. A Boy Named Hil and The Soundblasters Crew will do the DJ chores.

Wow. Can't wait. And check out how the boys have physically evolved through the years, hehe :P (photo from their Facebook account).

Playlist from the album should be up soon...as in tonight. Do wait up for it. :) (Thank you boys for the copy^^)