Friday, March 18, 2011

Holy Cow, It's Pinkcow!

Finally! Finally for me who (finally) managed to put up this long-overdue post....and finally for the fun boys of Pinkcow for releasing their new album!

(Photo from the Cubao X gig last Feb 2011)

The boys started their album promotion last February 4 at Cubao X and since then made their rounds in bars. Tomorrow marks the last day of their album tour.It will be at Hades Bar tomorrow, and the band will be supported by fellow rollicking friends like The GoSignals, Steady Movin' Beat, The Sneekers, Crooked Beat, The Strayguns, and The Exenadors. A Boy Named Hil and The Soundblasters Crew will do the DJ chores.

Wow. Can't wait. And check out how the boys have physically evolved through the years, hehe :P (photo from their Facebook account).

Playlist from the album should be up in tonight. Do wait up for it. :) (Thank you boys for the copy^^)

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