Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gigs, Plus, What Are Your TOP 5 Albums Of The Year?

The holidays are upon us. Time flies, really. Suddenly I find myself attending one holiday party after another. It is great to see friends, though it can get tiring.

I was recently asked for a list of my TOP 5 Albums of the Year. It was a little hard to decide on this, honestly. Do you have a list in mind? I do, after thinking about it for quite a while.

Will be posting my TOP 5 Albums of the watch out for it.

For today, I mean tonight...and tomorrow, check out these great gigs. Chickoy Pura and The Jerks celebrate their 31st anniversary tonight over at 70's Bistro and to celebrate this is a launch of a book that documents the band's evolution. This book is titled "Any Given Friday", obviously derived from the band's regular play day at 70s Bistro. Coinciding with the launch is Bisikleta Productions' rollicking gig titled kapow...I guiess you know by now how a Bisikleta gig goes. Pure fun. ^^

Tomorrow should be great as well. Juan Isip will be launching a new EP (wow!!!!). This also coincides with the gig called An Acoustic Christmas Featuring Al Dimalanta, Arnold Morales, Mae Ilagan, Albert Ascona, Johnny Tender of Pusakals, and Francis of Pinkcow. Grab a load of these potentially fun times. More details on the posters.

See you guys. :)