Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Howlin' Dave And His (Arguably) Last Interview

Howlin' Dave should have seen this out. The product of many weeks spent tracking down people, transcribing, and essentially reconstructing the history of a brave musical era.

In his passing, Howlin' Dave has, in all manners cliche-ish, left an enduring legacy which all started with his radio show "Pinoy Rock'n'Rhythm". And Dante, til his last days, never fully understood its impact.

Upon the encouragement of an editor for Rogue Magazine, we are posting excerpts from a feature about the Brave New World Pinoy punk movement era. This article, which will appear in the June issue, incorporates interviews of people who played major roles during this particular era in Pinoy punk. One of these people was Howlin' Dave, probably the most influential of them all.


... those times pag wala akong ginagawa, I would be reading books. Ganun. Then, yung sister-in-law ko, meron siyang pinahiram na Aldous Huxley book. One of the first editions pa yun ng book e ... ‘yung cover ‘yung abstract ... ang galing. Ewan ko kung sino nag-paint nun. Brave New World ang title ng libro. Parang A Clockwork Orange, parang Stranger in a Strange Land. So ...BRAVE NEW WORLD. Sabi ko, “My God. This is the future!”

... sila Arnold (Morales, of College, Urban bandits, Put3ska, and Music Front) kasi, ‘yung mga taga-Sta Mesa, may mga Slabs na. Sila ‘yung Salabusabs. Eh malapit lang ‘yung RJ, bumisita yung mga Slabs. Parang mga laking mental talaga eh. They’d say, “Mga pware, tangina ... " Ganun, may mga dalang Tanduay. Niloko ko nga ng “Pare, kumakain ba kayo ng pusa?” They said, “Oo!” Tapos kinabukasan, ‘tangina, nagdala nga ng pusa! Adobo! Pucha, eh, puta, palaka??! Hindi ko na pinilit, baka magdala nga eh. Magdadala talaga yun; palakang Araneta inaadobo talaga. ‘Yung pusa nga eh nakalagay sa lata ng gatas, lata ng Nido yata ‘yun. The cat was chopped nicely, pero nakita ko ‘yung laman mga may balahibo eh. Puta buhok pusa to ah! But I appreciated their primal attitude huh!

Obviously, the full story will see print in Rogue's June issue.

(Photo lifted from an old Jingle Chordbook magazine.)

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Moment Of Silence For Dante

We are temporarily shutting off our music player as we observe this moment of silence for Dante David (Howlin' Dave) who died this morning.

Let us take this as a moment for reflection.

Still on Dante David (aka Howlin Dave)

We got this news several hours earlier. To quote:

"Dante David, aka Howlin' Dave, succumbed to a stroke morning of 26th May @ the ICU of East Avenue Medical Center, QC. He was 52 years old."

His remains reportedly lie in state near his family's home somewhere in Novaliches, Quezon City.

May he rest in peace.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Dante David (aka Howlin' Dave)

This is sad news, a great loss to the Pinoy music scene. We have been getting updates since last night but just confirmed this morning.

Dante, known as Howlin' Dave, the man behind RJAM's Pinoy Rock 'n' Rhythm, passed away.

As early as last night, the Music Front MySpace site has posted a bulletin on Dante's condition in their blog site (click here). Dante's demise is also the subject of some recent posts in one of the egroups.

Will keep you posted. Sad news, indeed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Skaramouche Philippine Tour (plus CBI, Spaceflower Show, and Neighbors)

As I have stated in my previous post, we will be featuring Skaramouche, a Swiss Ska band set to do a series of gigs here in the Philippines on June. Formed in 2002, Skaramouche is a 9-piece band fronted by Delphine Lyner, and so far they have released two albums, the latest of which is called No Exit. Skaramouche have also been actively touring their region in 2007, promoting the said album.

The first of Skaramouche's gigs will be held at Chakiks in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, on June 6. They will be playing at the Mandarin Hotel in Makati City on June 7, after which they will be going to Gingoog City for an open-air gig on June 13. Next stop will be at Cagayan De Oro City for another night of their brand of ska on June 14. Cebu is also included in the itinerary: Skaramouche will be skanking at The Outpost in Lahug, Cebu City on June 20. The band will be back in Manila on June 21 and will be performing at the Fete de la Musique at SM Mall Of Asia at 8pm, and at Handle Bar at Polaris St., Makati City at 10pm.

Front acts for the Chakiks and Handle Bar gigs will be The Spaceflower Show and Coffee Break Island. Check out Skaramouche's official site here or take a look at their Myspace site for more details about the band.

We have prepared a cool playlist consisting of songs from The Spaceflower Show, Coffee Break Island, and Skaramouche. We reserved the last track in the playlist for a song from the Angono ska pioneers, Neighbors. The lads, it seems, called it quits last April, putting an end to nearly 13 years of skanking Neighbors style - you would know what I mean when you've seen them live, at least once. I know not of any details (this is not a chismis blog anyway, so don't go asking me why :D); you can check out their site though. Click here for more Neighbors-related stuff.

We wish Neighbors the best in their future endeavours; this playlist also serves as a send-off of sorts to the boys.

Now for the playlist:

1. COFFEE BREAK ISLAND - "Ranking Full Stop"
2. SKARAMOUCHE - "Offbeat"
3. SPACEFLOWER SHOW - "Acrobatic Love"
4. COFFEE BREAK ISLAND - "Let YOu Go" (demo)
5. SKARAMOUCHE - "Too Much Hamlet"
6. SPACEFLOWER SHOW - "SKangarude"
7. NEIGHBORS - "Angono Ska"

For high-res playlist, tick here.

Photos of Skaramouche and Neighbors come from the band and their respective sites.

Have a great weekend, people. Be sober, be good.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 15 Part 3: Collective Thinking

Here, at last, is Part 3 of Episode 15.

A collective denotes a gathering of people sharing a common goal. In the underground music scene all over, the collective plays a significant role in providing a variety of both music and viewpoints, in uplifting general consciousness regarding issues that besiege the nation and the world, and, (if the collective is worth its salt) in getting its members to take a unified stand on issues that the collective is passionate about. Simply put, and oftentimes it has been said, there is unity in diversity.

With this in mind, Trash Radio Manila recognizes the role that the music collectives play in keeping the scene alive AND healthy. Thus we dedicate this segment to the collectives. Presenting, the playlist:

1. HIT PARADE - "More Faces"
2. CONFLICT - "Radio Trash"
3. MIHARA - "Lifestyle"
4. SIDELINE - "One Voice Asia"
6. COBRA - "No Money"

If you want a better-sounding copy of the playlist, click here.

First off the list is the Irish band Hit Parade. Their song "More Faces" appear in the album Bad News, which is essentially the band's stand on the issue of the role of the British Government in Northern Ireland. "Britains role in Northern Ireland, both on the streets and in legislative methods is clearly repressive and designed to keep in check a rebellious section of the population...which seeks to take control of and responsibility for its own future", the statement goes. This record was released by Crass Records in 1982. Crass Records was set up in 1979 by the band Crass so that they could release their second album Stations Of The Crass. You can read about the history of Crass Records as written by Crass' drummer Penny Rimbaud, no less, here.

Up next is Conflict, which as you may know is an anarcho-punk band that was formed in London in 1981. In the playlist is "Radio Trash"which comes from the Do Not Question Authority Mudcrow Bootleg. Conflict put up their own label called Mortarhate, which also releases works from Icons of Filth, Liberty, Lost Cherrees, and Hagar the Womb. It should be noted too that Conflict once appeared in Crass Records via the EP The House That Man Built which came out in 1982. Conflict, which continues to tour but is presently hindered by Colin Jerwood's neck injury, can also be found in their MySpace site here.

From Great Britain, we go to Southeast Asia. Out of Sta. Rosa, Laguna comes Mihara, a 4-piece hardcore band formed in 2004 that is presently playing mostly within the Southern Luzon circuit. These guys have a good number of gigs coming up: they will be part of the Pilipinas Hardcore gig slated on May 31 at Al's Bar in Paranaque; also, they will be supporting Singapore's Sideline at The One Voice Asia tour to be held in Cebu City on June 21. Check out the posters at the siderail for the particulars. More details re Mihara's gigs can be read on their MySpace site here. Their cd is released by Unitedxonexblood Records alongside works of bands like Piledriver and Groundzero, to name a few.

And speaking of Sideline, these rollicking boys from the lion city also have a song in our playlist, the title of which also happens to be the apparent goal of their own record label One Voice Records: to provide a unifying voice for bands from the Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines as well as for the rest of the world who share their advocacy. As stated in One Voice Record's site: We came here for the same reasons. Everything is about ask.

Time to go to Japan. We are featuring the songs of two Japanese bands whose cds sort of found their way in our players straight from music heaven. Not much has been written about Genkaku Allergy (save for that superbrief article on Wiki); it is only known that the band came up with the album Mouth To Mouth in 1992. Anyone who could tell me more about Genkaku Allergy? Maybe someone from the band? :D Cobra, as far as I know, is credited for being the first Japanese Oi band. In 1991, the band released Cobra Indie Omnibus '82-'86. Out of this album comes the song that should apply to the majority, "No Money".

So there, six songs to see you through in the next few days. Stay tuned for an upcoming ska segment as we bring you a preview of another great show to go to in June. Skaramouche, a ska band from Switzerland, is visiting the islands for a tour, supported by Coffee Break Island and The Spaceflower Show. We'll also have a tribute to the now-defunct Angono Ska pioneers Neighbors. Want more details? As has been said a hundredfold: all you have to do is keep looking at the light.

Photos and logos of Hit Parade, Conflict, Mihara, Sideline, and One Voice Records come from the sites, just click on the linkies. The pics of the cds are, well, mine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 15 Part 2: An End To All These Let's Pretends

This episode goes out to all the people who live in their own little world, existing solely for themselves (so much for keeping up with the so-called "attitude"), and unwittingly painting a rosy picture of coolness for the rest of the real world to see.

Wake up! Enough with the pretensions and check out this playlist.

1. AS FRIENDS RUST - "Austin, We Have A Problem"
2. BANE - "Ali Vs. Frazier I"
3. THE DWARVES - "Speed Demon"
4. TURBO A.C.'s - "Overdrive"
5. THE LURKERS - "Sidewinder"
6. THE REPLACEMENTS - "Takin' A Ride"
7. FUEL - "Fuel Hymn (Activate)"
8. FEAR - "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place"

Download high bitrate playlist here.

About the songs and the artists:

As Friends Rust are from Gainesville, Florida. Formed in 1996, the band, known for their hardcore style with melodic leanings, released their final album titled "A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times" in 2002. The guys, however, have recently reformed for a US show in Gainesville and some shows in Europe in August 2008. You might want to read about the details in their MySpace site. The song "Austin, We Have A Problem" comes from the Won LP (their blog contains the lyrics to most of their songs), and is strictly not to be mistaken for Fall Out Boy's song of the same title, which is an altogether different animal. ;)

Bane, greatly identified with the Boston hardcore scene, was formed in 1994 by Aaron Dalbec, who was then coming off the break-up of his band Converge. Their song "Ali Vs. Frazier I" comes from the Give Blood LP. More about this band on their official website at Banecentral. "Speed Demon", the next song on the list, is by The Dwarves, who have been around since the late 80s and are still as active as ever. Check out their official site here for news and anything you would like to know about them. (Like, who are Blag Dahlia and He Who Cannot Be Named? Nope, we're not talking Voldemort here. Try again.)

Can you dig it? New York's The Turbo A.C.'s call themselves "The Finest Surfguitar Punkrock since 1996" (at least, that's what's written on their MySpace account), and all you have to do is listen to "Overdrive" to be convinced. Their official site is just as loaded; do check it out here.

The Lurkers were formed in 1976 in Uxbridge, London and were part of the pioneering generation of punks. They are still around touring and recording; they recently came out with a new album called Fried Brains. The song "Sidewinder" comes from their 1998 album Wild Times Again.

We have also included The Replacements, that band from Minnesota with a very interesting history, in the list, via the song "Takin' A Ride". Fuel, not to be confused with the band from Pennsylvania that released the single "Shimmer" in the late 90s, is a band that have been part of the San Francisco punk scene. A song from their album Monuments To Excess titled "Fuel Hymn (Activate)" is in the list. Lastly, who has not ever heard of Fear? The band is still around, though Lee Ving is the only original member left. In the list is "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place".

And that's exactly what I'm gonna do for now. See y'all laters.

Photo credits: Band photos courtesy of their websites. Just click on the linkies provided above.

(You. Yes, you. We're done now, d'ya notice? Stop bobbing your head, music's over.... And you, stop blabbering. You just might find yourself without an audience later on.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 15 Part 1: Trashradio Undercover

Howdy, mateys, and welcome to Part 1 of Episode 15.

There are good covers, and there are great covers. I would say that a cover is great when the band doing it give the song a whole new personality, as if that band have actually written the song. Thus, we chose a handful of considerably popular songs whose original “personalities” have been given a makeover of sorts. Think these bands did a good job? Check it out.

1. 59 TIMES THE PAIN - "Sweet and Tender Hooligan"
2. SLAYER - "Filler/I Don't Wanna Hear It"
3. THE TOY DOLLS - "Nellie The Elephant"
4. THE BUSINESS - "When I Come Around"
5. DROPKICK MURPHYS - "Nobody’s Hero"
6. THE DICKIES - "Communication Breakdown"
7. BREAK THE SILENCE - "Slaughter of the Soul"

The song “Sweet and Tender Hooligan” was originally by The Smiths. The one that appears in this playlist is by the Swedish band 59 Times The Pain, who lent their version to the The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute to the Smiths compilation. Another version appeared in one of our previous segments courtesy of Nouvelle Vague.

Slayer doing a Minor Threat? Not just one, but two riveting back-to-back covers! Could it be the result of having tasted Minor Threat Hot Sauce that Ian Mackaye was said to have endorsed just recently? Read about it here.

This one does not come as a surprise. Nellie The Elephant is a well-loved character in the UK; the theme song was sang by a child actress named Mandy Miller in 1956, and was played for many years over at the BBC. Some decades later, the wacky, irreverent band The Toy Dolls recorded their equally wacky, oi-flavored interpretation.

And speaking of oi, some bands identified with the movement are included in the playlist. The Business is in the list, doing a cover of Green Day’s “When I Come Around.” So is Dropkick Murphys with Stiff Little Fingers’ “Nobody’s Hero.” The Dickies are here too, doing Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown". Pretty interesting if you ask me.

The last song goes out to Dave, the man behind the now-famous My Fate To Hate! blog site. His latest entry is about how Break The Silence vocals sounded so similar to that of At The Gates; how uncanny then that BTS covered “Slaughter Of The Soul” which is an At The Gates original. ;) Read about Dave’s candid thoughts here. And lest I forget. Thank you Dave, for alluding to Timebomb. Those were great times. I know you’ll agree with me. :)

Download high bitrate version of playlist here.

Photos of 59 Times The Pain and Break The Silence courtesy of the bands' respective websites. Minor Threat hot sauce image comes from the website indicated above.

Postscript: Sorry for the font screw-ups. Somehow I could not get 'em fixed. Odd.

Friday, May 9, 2008

There and Back Again: Two Gigs To Watch Out For

There are two up and coming gigs that I personally want to see, if only I have the gift of even just a short-distance teleportation.

The first gig is called Friday Distortion 2, which will be on May 23, 2008 at Music Garage, Queens St., Singapore. Produced by Prohibited Projects, this mosh affair features Choke Cocoi, the all-female hardcore band off Lucena City, and T.S.A., old school hardcore outfit from Bulacan. Playing with them are Singapore's very own Subtle Revenge, Secret Seven, Pazahora, and Distrust. Do check out the links; you guys ought to hear these Singaporean bands. This party of noise starts at 8pm and will set you off at 6 bucks. Somebody take me to Singapore in two weeks! Any takers? None?

Ok, then. There's another gig to look forward to. On June 21 (that's a whole lot of time for you to adjust your schedules and finances, unless erratic is your middle name), One Voice Records, the Singapore-based punk and hc distro/collective which specializes in featuring bands mostly from the Southeast Asian Region, teams up with Cebu's Struggle For Radical Action to give you One Voice Asia Unite! The gig features Singapore's Sideline, supported by a host of bands from Laguna, Davao, Iligan, and of course, Cebu:

1. Mihara (from Laguna)
2. Piledriver (from Laguna)
3. Groundzero (from Laguna)
4. Eightounce (from Laguna)

5. As A Whole (from Davao)
6. Clobberin' Time (from Davao)

7. Delmonstros (from Iligan)
8. Outnumbered (from Iligan)

9. Queen City Crew (from Cebu)
10. Shrapnel (from Cebu)
11. Left Of Center (from Cebu)
12. Jewels of Delilah (from Cebu)
13. Vampire State (from Cebu)
14. No! (from Cebu)
15. Toxic Orgasm (from Cebu)
16. Self Will (from Cebu)
17. Guilttoflow (from Cebu)
18. Substance 32 (from Cebu)
19. Gardo (from Cebu)

Opening acts: Strictly Da Real, 7 Months Later, and Tableau Of Terror.

Interested? Then head over to ZZubu Rockbar over at Colon in Cebu City on June 21. Noise starts at 4pm. Door costs Php35, but I see merch of all forms flooding the venue (I also smell buwad from the market nearby, nyum!), so maybe you would like to bring a little extra.

So there you are, two gigs to watch out for. I know there's a whole lot more; will keep you people posted. See y'all at the gigs!

Photo credits: Choke Cocoi and No! from their respective websites; Mihara pic courtesy of the band (thanks Jay!)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 14 Part 3: Ano Ang Kulay ng Mukha Ng Tag-Init?

Still recuperating here from the (pleasant) damages of summer. We are, at long last, presenting Part 3 of Episode 14 (applause applause).

This segment's playlist:

1. APOLLO CREED - "Heavy Metal Summer"
2. THE AMBASSADORS - "Johnny Punk"
3. SHRAPNEL - "Believe"
4. SIGNAL 3 - "Spirit Of Rebellion"
5. T.S.A. - "Doom Soldiers"
7. SPARKPLUG - "Anybody"
8. PEACH FANTASTIC - "Only A Friend"
9. PUT3SKA - "Flying"

At dahil lumalaki ang utang ko sa inyo, mag-o-All Pinoy segment tayo ngayon.

From the album Revenge Of The Punk Elite, which Apollo Creed released some 5 years ago comes the witty track "Heavy Metal Summer". Apollo Creed, as you may well know, has been around for some time, and have even contributed two tracks to the "Onwards To Galaxy" compilation of years past, which also includes Spank and Piledriver. More about Apollo Creed on their MySpace site.

Out of the Queen City of The South come sugba, puso, buwad, bulalo steak, and two out of the many delectable Cebu bands in existence. The Ambassadors released their pre-Lighter Records album Chaotic World (from which "Johnny Punk" came from) in 2001. Shrapnel is an S.R.A. (Struggle For Radical Action) collective veteran, and have been around since 1994. Their song "Believe" is included in this playlist.

We have featured Signal 3 in our past episode, and we are featuring them once again. This time we are playing "Spirit of Rebellion". T.S.A., our hardcore tormentors out there in Singapore, come next with "Doom Soldiers".

Tolonguez Death Squad is one of the bands that contributed to the Know Your Enemy Compilation which is released by Dirty Shoes Records just a few months ago. Included in the compi is the militant "Never Again". Sparkplug (which I believe is already defunct, but correct me if I'm wrong) used to be together some five years back, doing gigs mostly south of Manila. They came out with a song called "Anybody" around that time.

Peach Fantastic comes from Los Angeles, and is part of the Lokalpinoy Vol. 1 compilation. The band was able to release an album titled 100% Natural, but I believe these guys have already disbanded. Too bad, for they do pretty refreshing pop tunes, such as "Only A Friend". And Put3ska, have they really disbanded? The lads played together last year to commemorate the life of their original drummer Luis Guiang, just when nearly everyone had thought that Put3ska had ceased to be. Riddles the answer to which not even The Riddler can provide....

So people, enjoy what is left of the weekend and play this segment loud while you're at it.

And, lest I forget, there are many cool people celebrating their birthdays this month as well. Take a bow, A, V, M, P, F, y'all (magpainom na rin kayo)- have a great one. ;)

Click here for high bitrate playlist.

Picture credits : Pics of Apollo Creed, Shrapnel, T.S.A., and Tolonguez Death Squad are from their respective MySpace sites. Last photo shows Eldie Siochi of Put3ska.