Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 14 Part 3: Ano Ang Kulay ng Mukha Ng Tag-Init?

Still recuperating here from the (pleasant) damages of summer. We are, at long last, presenting Part 3 of Episode 14 (applause applause).

This segment's playlist:

1. APOLLO CREED - "Heavy Metal Summer"
2. THE AMBASSADORS - "Johnny Punk"
3. SHRAPNEL - "Believe"
4. SIGNAL 3 - "Spirit Of Rebellion"
5. T.S.A. - "Doom Soldiers"
7. SPARKPLUG - "Anybody"
8. PEACH FANTASTIC - "Only A Friend"
9. PUT3SKA - "Flying"

At dahil lumalaki ang utang ko sa inyo, mag-o-All Pinoy segment tayo ngayon.

From the album Revenge Of The Punk Elite, which Apollo Creed released some 5 years ago comes the witty track "Heavy Metal Summer". Apollo Creed, as you may well know, has been around for some time, and have even contributed two tracks to the "Onwards To Galaxy" compilation of years past, which also includes Spank and Piledriver. More about Apollo Creed on their MySpace site.

Out of the Queen City of The South come sugba, puso, buwad, bulalo steak, and two out of the many delectable Cebu bands in existence. The Ambassadors released their pre-Lighter Records album Chaotic World (from which "Johnny Punk" came from) in 2001. Shrapnel is an S.R.A. (Struggle For Radical Action) collective veteran, and have been around since 1994. Their song "Believe" is included in this playlist.

We have featured Signal 3 in our past episode, and we are featuring them once again. This time we are playing "Spirit of Rebellion". T.S.A., our hardcore tormentors out there in Singapore, come next with "Doom Soldiers".

Tolonguez Death Squad is one of the bands that contributed to the Know Your Enemy Compilation which is released by Dirty Shoes Records just a few months ago. Included in the compi is the militant "Never Again". Sparkplug (which I believe is already defunct, but correct me if I'm wrong) used to be together some five years back, doing gigs mostly south of Manila. They came out with a song called "Anybody" around that time.

Peach Fantastic comes from Los Angeles, and is part of the Lokalpinoy Vol. 1 compilation. The band was able to release an album titled 100% Natural, but I believe these guys have already disbanded. Too bad, for they do pretty refreshing pop tunes, such as "Only A Friend". And Put3ska, have they really disbanded? The lads played together last year to commemorate the life of their original drummer Luis Guiang, just when nearly everyone had thought that Put3ska had ceased to be. Riddles the answer to which not even The Riddler can provide....

So people, enjoy what is left of the weekend and play this segment loud while you're at it.

And, lest I forget, there are many cool people celebrating their birthdays this month as well. Take a bow, A, V, M, P, F, y'all (magpainom na rin kayo)- have a great one. ;)

Click here for high bitrate playlist.

Picture credits : Pics of Apollo Creed, Shrapnel, T.S.A., and Tolonguez Death Squad are from their respective MySpace sites. Last photo shows Eldie Siochi of Put3ska.

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