Monday, April 28, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 14 Part 2: Who Needs TV When We've Got...

Here's Part 2 of Episode 14. (Yes, we are still at Episode 14.)

We have included some songs that have a rather interesting and/or complicated history. For instance, the first song, "All The Young Dudes", was written by Mott The Hoople. The version popularized by David Bowie has a line that goes: "Man, I need a T.V. when I've got T-Rex...." This version by The Skids, whose members count the late Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson, went a little further, changing said line to "Man, who needs T.V. when there's Subway Set...."

Or, check out the lyrics to "Surrender", wherein the narrator's parents were depicted to be "a little weird" but are "alright", just the same (also has allusions to the Philippines: "Before we married, Mommy served in the WACS in the Philippines.") "Surrender" has seen numerous resurrections and more than 30 cover versions of this tune have been made, to date.

"Baby, I'm Yours" has likewise been covered by a myriad artists. Written by Van McCoy, this was originally done by Barbara Lewis, then covered by the likes of Peter and Gordon, Debby Boone, Cher, Petula Clark, and more recently, Arctic Monkeys. This lovely song goes out to a lady from the district of hope whom we fondly call Ashi.

All these, plus a few more engaging tunes by The Knack, Billy Squier, Little Murders, The Romantics, and The Get Up Kids, make up this segment's playlist. Here goes.

1. THE SKIDS - "All the Young Dudes"
2. CHEAP TRICK - "Surrender"
3. THE KNACK - "Good Girls Don't"
4. BILLY SQUIER - "My Kinda Lover"
5. LITTLE MURDERS - "I Need a Holiday"
6. THE ROMANTICS - "Forever Yours"
7. THE GET UP KIDS - "All That I Know"
8. ARCTIC MONKEYS - "Baby, I'm Yours"

Download high bitrate version of the playlist here.

We do admit. We have been bitten by the summer bug. :S But hey, we're back in business. :D

Doing business with the sea, sand, and the hammock.

Photo thank-you's: The Skids photo from their website, The Knack photo courtesy of Tropical photo of Bohol Beach Club is, well, mine ;)

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