Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 12 Part 1: LOST DOGS

We're late, but we're back in business. What a loooooooong weekend that was. :D

The title of our newest episode is lifted off Pearl Jam's album "Lost Dogs" which came out late in 2003. "Lost Dogs" is a double-CD collection of B-sides and other unreleased songs which include "Yellow Ledbetter" and "Bee Girl", a cut that contains the hidden track dedicated to the memory of Alice In Chain's Layne Staley. This compilation was in the Top 100 of numerous album charts worldwide in 2003 and 2004, affirming Pearl Jam's steady popularity through the years.

"Lost Dogs" may also be what one can call a myriad bands virtually lost in oblivion because of Pearl Jam's phenomenal shot to fame in the 90s. This is not to say that Pearl Jam did not deserve it at all; it's just that there were many bands also worth their salt and yet did not get the recognition due them.

The playlist consists of songs from some of these "Lost Dogs" that we are referring to. They are:

1. LIVING COLOUR - "Memories Can't Wait"
2. 24-7 SPYZ - "Spill My Guts"
3. SINISTER DANE - "Where's My Parade"
4. THE WILDHEARTS - "Shame On Me"
5. ZODIAC MINDWARP and the LOVE REACTION - "Let's Break The Law"

Living Colour initially achieved mainstream recognition with their album "Vivid" which spawned their memorable hit "Cult Of Personality"; sadly, subsequent releases did not help much in sustaining their momentum. 24-7 Spyz, on the other hand, may have been more musically diverse than Living Colour and have earned themselves a loyal following, but never achieved considerable commercial success.

And Sinister Dane? Other than being referred to as one of the bands that came off the St. Louis music scene, not much has been written about them at all. The Wildhearts was plagued by numerous (including drug-related) problems hindering their growth as a band. Zodiac Mindwarp, which is but an alter-ego of an artist named Mark Manning, has played songs (with the band Love Reaction) that during his time seemed to be too campy for public consumption.

So there you have it. If you want a high bitrate version of this playlist, tick here. More songs coming up soon ... as in, sooner than you think ... ;)

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