Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 11 Part 3: Nagugutom Ka Na Ba?

"Let me tell you 'bout your blood, bamboo kid.
It ain't Coca-Cola, it's RICE."

- The Clash, "Straight To Hell"

The Philippines happens to be the 8th among the world's top rice-consuming countries as of 2003 , and continues to be so till now. We definitely know that this country is still largely agricultural (but this may not be the case over the next few years, what with the rapid conversion of farm lands into subdivisions, industrial compounds and the like), and rice is and will always be a staple crop. That the Philippines used to be self-sustaining as far as rice production is concerned is practically a thing of the past, as it now relies on rice imported from its neighboring countries.

Pathetic, yes? Rice shortage is definitely one of the issues that hit us hard , for isn't food one of man's basic needs? Thus we have given this segment the nagging title "Nagugutom Ka Na Ba? (Are You Hungry Yet?)"

The playlist:

2. PAN - "Kawatan"
3. URBAN BANDITS - "Do You Rebel Rebel" (1984 demo)
4. THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT - "Death To Us All"
5. DEANS DECEMBER - "Things Are Getting Complicated"

For high bitrate version of this playlist, click here.

Radioactive Sago Project say it all too well and eloquently in "Foodtrip" ("Ang dali-dali nang maggisa...ang bansa natin dahan-dahang ginigisa, ang taongbayan piniprito sa sariling dugo at pawis, pero di bale, masarap naman..."), while Pan's "Kawatan", which is another term for "thief", is self-explanatory.

Third on our list is a 1984 demo of Urban Bandits' "Do You Rebel Rebel" (or, as some people call it "And I Know Why"), which I daresay has never been played elsewhere. The Beauty Of Doubt comes next with the angry "Death To Us All".

Finally, the sorely missed Binky Lampano can be heard here with his band Deans December; come to think of it, when was the last time you heard "Things Are Getting Complicated"?

That's all we have for this episode folks. See y'all next week, and do stay away from complications. ;)

Pic at right: The Beauty Of Doubt live at Center For Arts, Timog Ave, QC, last Nov 2006

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