Monday, March 3, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 8 Part 1: Alam mo, Gusto Kitang... I-Evangelize

How has it been so far, people?

We are continuously jazzing up the Trash Radio Manila site with fresh stuff. One of our latest features is a link to the high-fidelity version of the episode currently at play, which you can find at the end of each post. This is to accommodate a number of requests for segments with better bit-rate.

Please do note though that the linked playlist will be available for download for only one week after posting, and only for the first 100 persons.

Should you want to settle for the low-fi version, or listen or download previous episodes, our player is still available at the side rail.

And, as we always say, if you want any of these stuff, do your research on the artists and the songs and buy the originals.

For this segment's playlist, check out our Pinoy inclusions: the better "Tatsulok" from the better band Buklod (no apologies here, it's all a matter of taste), a cut from a well-respected lumad named Popong Landero, "Hardtimes" from the 90s Pinoy punk outfit Biofeedback, and an unreleased demo from Music Front entitled "Let's Dance."

1. GENE - "Say A Little Prayer"
2. MUSIC FRONT - "Let's Dance"
3. FUGAZI - "Greed"
4. POPONG LANDERO - "Saksi Ba Ang Langit?"
5. BIOFEEDBACK - "Hardtimes"
6. BUKLOD - "Tatsulok"

Read between the lines. There's something in there.

Download high bit-rate version of this segment HERE.

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