Friday, February 29, 2008

ESCUEBAKS: A Nightful Of Photos And Music At Big Sky Mind

Came across a blog entry about a week or so ago, entitled "Music, Mind & Meaning" written by Polavoid. Can't help but be touched, especially upon reading the part where it states that this blog "... re-ignited my passion for the subculture and 'old school' ... renewed my interest in the underground scene; deepened my love of photography and writing; lifted my spirits and caused me to be nostalgic." Truth is, I had this line specifically in mind when I went to ESCUEBAKS, a photo exhibit-cum-gig held at Big Sky Mind at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City last Wednesday, 27 February 2008.

Escuebaks featured the works of photographer Jed Escueta. He is no stranger to the music scene in general. Aside from being seen in underground gigs in many occasions, he is the also the brother of Mark Escueta, popularly known as Rivermaya's timekeeper. Five bands played on this occasion; Music Front played, so did Peryodiko, Julianne, Coffee Break Island, and, of course, Rivermaya.

Some pics here.
Also had a chat with Jed Escueta himself, with a lot of help from friends. (Interview to come out ... as soon as I'm done transcribing :D)

It was a good night, all things considered: the music, the photos, the booze, the people who most likely have varying musical preferences but have somehow managed to come together for this occasion and converge in one tiny bar, something that I find perfectly cool.

To Polavoid, thank you for the kind words (were you at Big Sky that night?), and keep faith in the scene.

Capturing the moment: (Top to bottom) Photo Exhibit, Mark Escueta, Music Front, slamming, Peryodiko, Rivermaya, Julianne, Coffee Break Island.

This site has lent some photos to the Music Front MySpace page. Check 'em out.

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