Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 4 Part 1: Homage - A Tribute And Message Of Sympathy To Karl Alvarez

To paraphrase Descendents:

...and since punk rock does not pay the bills, does not put food on the table, and most of all, does not have a benefit plan, we present to you the first part of this episode in homage and in tribute to Descendents' and All's legendary bassist Karl Alvarez.

Alvarez suffered a "minor" heart attack (the exact diagnosis I am not too certain about) last August 2007. And while Karl is said to be doing fine at the moment, he needs to cover his rising medical bills (and we certainly have first-hand experience of how expensive cardiac medications are.) Thus, a MySpace benefit account has been put up by friends to serve as a central site of sorts to organize benefit shows and accept gifts to help with the medical expenses. You can check out The Karl Alvarez Benefit Page here.

For our part, we certainly recognize the fact that Karl Alvarez, together with Descendents and All, played a major part in shaping the lives of most music lovers this side of the planet. As an avid music fan myself, I personally swear by this fact, and I'm sure most of you do, too.

The playlist:

1. DESCENDENTS - "All, No All"
2. DESCENDENTS - "Coffee Mug"
3. ALL - "Just Perfect"
4. DESCENDENTS - "Pep Talk"
5. ALL - "Postage"
6. ALL - "She's My Ex"
7. ALL - "Frog"
8. ALL - "Excuses"
9. ALL - "Perfection"
10 DESCENDENTS - "Nothing With You"
11. ALL - "She Broke My Dick"

Photo courtesy of the Karl Alvarez Benefit MySpace page.

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