Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye (Or, Nasa Butas Ang Sarap Ng Doughnut)

My friends and I had a rather animated discussion over a few bottles of beer, tuna sisig, and sizzling corn kernels (meron palang ganitong pulutan?) some days ago.

It was a lively exchange of thoughts which eventually boiled down to a unifying theme. We have observed that nowadays, with the advent of technology and advancement of internet-based information and the proliferation of convenience stores, most people have gotten so used to obtaining what they want the easy way, and as such they have become the contented cows that they are.

THAT sense of DANGER, THAT sense of EXPLORATION, THAT sense of ADVENTURE that beget creative outputs. They are sorely missing. There is creative stuff waiting to be discovered just around the corner, and we could use a whole lot more, if we only SNAP OUT of the status quo and start asking provocative questions, and stop asking questions the answers to which are just in front of our faces.

Off-topic? Give it a thought. Explore. All our episodes are downloadable. And just like the unicorn, totoo yun. Nasa butas ang sarap ng doughnut. Yes, we've had more than a handful of persistent questions. And we are sure some of those who asked have already found the unicorn.

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