Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 4 Part 3: Break The Silence

Break The Silence is the latest offering from the Pinoy hardcore superstars out there in Singapore, T.S.A. (Hehe, nalagyan na kasi ng Kaya Jam.) Break The Silence is also the title of our newest all-Pinoy segment, which starts off with the Dead Ends' classic "Don't Drop Your Guns/Noise Barrage."

Next on the list is Sex Militants, which has presently reincarnated into The Nu Militants, and their signature song, "Bloody Nutter." And what would this list be without Urban Bandits? "Battle Of Mendiola," in spite of it being written some twenty-odd years ago, remains as timely as ever.

G.I. And The Idiots are also in with "The Flag," which came out of The Fascinating World Of Garbage album. The song is followed by "Violent Dispersal" by R.D.A. off the album Brave United In Trust.

After a few years and a round or so of line-up changes, the band formerly called The Mighty Contras is now Contras. Brave New World veteran Bong from Vex is the only remaining original member. The current line-up includes Ahmad on the mic, Nomer on guitars, Wang on bass, and Bong on skins. On the playlist is their song "Not A Skunx." On the other hand, I personally have not had any news about Huh!; I am not sure if the group has already disbanded. But they did come out with a self-titled album sometime in 2002, from which "Bored Generation" is taken.

Sadly, too, that Sputterdoll, the Fil-Am pop punk band from San Francisco, California, have taken an indefinite period of hibernation after "cheering up emo kids one show at a time." Out of the You Sing I Sing We All Sing For Icing Compilation Vol. 1 comes their contribution "World of Hazelle." You can check out their MySpace site here. (Dig the Hello Kitty strat!) Making noise down the Queen City of The South for quite sometime now is Left Of Center; in the playlist is the song "Break."

For the finale. We have selected two T.S.A. songs from their album Break The Silence. Two songs, because, they sing too fast and the songs are too short. (And of course, there's the Kaya Jam.) If you dig the songs, you know how to get in touch with them guys. Click here.

This segment's playlist:

1. DEAD ENDS - "Don't Drop Your Guns/Noise Barrage"
2. SEX MILITANTS - "Bloody Nutter"
3. URBAN BANDITS - "Battle Of Mendiola"
4. G.I. AND THE IDIOTS - "The Flag"
5. R.D.A. - "Violent Dispersal"
6. CONTRAS - "Not A Skunx"
7. HUH! - "Bored Generation"
8. SPUTTERDOLL - "World Of Hazelle"
9. LEFT OF CENTER - "Break"
10. T.S.A. - "Pull Me/Wala Nang Mura"

(Dead Ends' photo courtesy of HP and Jingle. Contras: Wang, Ahmad, Nomer, Bong.)

My sincerest thanks to Ojie and Pedro of T.S.A. for their generosity and humour. Here is a remembrance from the meeting a few days ago.

(Shiny happy people: Ojie, Pedro, Gigi, Je, Dennis, Jun, Bunek, Arnold)


bisikletaproductions said...

The band HUH! is still alive and well Ronald is out of the country last time i check he's in Singapore and he'll be back soon probably May. I recently invited them for SOUND BOMBING but he declined coz of that.

Marika and friends said...

hi, thank you for this bit of information :)