Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 7 Part 1 (22 YEARS, 1000 WORDS, 1000 PICTURES)

1. DEAD ENDS - "(Ano Ba Ang) Kalayaan?"
2. THE WUDS - "We (Just Like Before)"
4. DEANS DECEMBER - "I Read The News"
5. THE JERKS - "Rage"

They make no sense. Does justice prevail? You be the judge of that. Insane, insane, this is insane. You try to put shit inside my brain. Fools! You try to cover up the fuckin' truth. But my eyes are wide open, I can see through the lies. Because our new world had never been too loud. What happened to our generation? They're always looking in confusion. We're fighting just for you. We're doing this for you. But you're looking at us like an underground criminal.Welcome to the Dark Ages, the era of lies. Darkness indeed, dressed in blue. Sing a song against this terrible sight. And the names and the faces of the tyrants change, but poverty, pain and murder remain. Ano ba ang kalayaan? Ito ba'y katotohanan o panaginip lamang? One thousand pictures, one thousand words. They make no sense.

Photo credits: EDSA 1 picture from Picture 2 shows Egay dancing during last Friday's gig at Ten-02 Bar.

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