Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 5 Part 2: How About Some Tuna?

Happy Valentines Day, you love-struck (and love-phobic) denizens!

By this time we suppose you've already found someone to spend Valentines Day with. But even if you haven't found anyone, or simply chose not to spend the day with anybody, allow us to provide you with a set of songs that depict the four-letter abstraction in its numerous forms.

For the first song off this segment, hear the charismatic Suggs do a convincing cover of Morrissey's obsessive "Suedehead." Then listen to the Marine Girls, Tracey Thorn's first band, as they sing a cut off the Beach Party album, "Fridays."

"Dreams And Desires" features Stiv Bators doing a narrative that can scare an unsuspecting Catholic girl off her wits, while "Never Talking To You Again" depicts the retaliation of a scorned ego. Meanwhile, Annabella Lwin gamely illustrates how a woman achieved orgasmic heights in "Sexy Eiffel Towers."

More cariño brutal follows with songs from Suicidal Tendencies and Blood For Blood. The segment is capped with Flogging Molly singing about ending up with "The Wrong Company."

This segment's playlist:

1. SUGGS - "Suedehead" (Live)
2. MARINE GIRLS - "Fridays"
3. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - "Dreams and Desires"
4. HUSKER DU - "Never Talking To You Again"
5. BOW WOW WOW - "Sexy Eiffel Towers"
6. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - "Won't Fall In Love Today"
7. BLOOD FOR BLOOD - "So Common, So Cheap"
8. FLOGGING MOLLY - "The Wrong Company"

More tuna coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned. Meow!

Pic credits: Cartoons lifted from Kirstie McIntosh's blog, modified to fit the feline's mood. (Seriously, it's a funny read.)

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