Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...But It's True! Tirso Cruz III Also Did Monkey Man!

Holy cow! It's Guy and Pip! Photo from the Nostalgia Manila blogsite.

For a song which has aped its way from Jamaica, into the United Kingdom and eventually across the globe, "Monkey Man" has had a pretty colored history. Originally a tribute to the great producer Leslie Kong, Toots and the Maytals first recorded the song around 1969. It has since been widely covered, with the version of The Specials arguably being the most popular, and the version of Amy Winehouse being the most recent of any significance.

Here's the money shot. Tirso Cruz III (yes, that's PIP for you, you Filipino expats in Singapore) has his own version. This one's for those monkeys out there… big big monkey men. And yes, the sound quality on the rip is not very good… get the vinyl. :P CHEERS!


Scenes From Mash It Up! last September 19

First things first. Glitches are life's necessary evils. If we want to totally do away with them, then we're better off dead.

Bisikleta Productions' Mash It Up! last Friday, September 19 was not spared from glitches. For one, there was the heavy downpour during the early evening, though in spite of this, Bela Bar was filled up. Then there was technical hassle. As you very well know, Trash Radio Manila did not get to spin, no thanks to that guy whose mind has a semblance of that of a cretin's. And, in the heat of a band's set, a commotion stirred, which was promptly quelled.

But, fortunately for us in attendance, these glitches did not take away the fact that Mash It Up! had been a very enjoyable affair. Some points are in order:

1. The final line-up, aside from the four major acts (The GoSignals, Shuffle Union, Music Front, and Contras), consisted of T.R.A., King Kong Wasabi, Pink Cow, and Steady Movin' Beat.

2. I made the horrid mistake of typing Hong Kong Wasabi (instead of King Kong Wasabi) in my past post. To the band, I am sorry. For those who know me better, you would very well know that this error is, well, Freudian.

3. I have seen T.R.A. on a few occasions, and I find their demeanor onstage delightful, and their choice of covers good.

4. Contras - as far as I am concerned - gave the nastiest performance of the night. Cheers, lads!

5. All things taken, Hilboy scores once again. Congratulations!

Photos here.


King Kong Wasabi

Pink Cow

Music Front

The GoSignals


Shuffle Union

Steady Movin' Beat

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mash It Up! On Friday

Bisikleta Productions strikes back with Mash It Up!, a gig that promises to give you massive (must I say lethal?!) doses of punk rock, power pop, ska, and oi. On Friday, September 16, 2008 at Bela Bar at P. Guevarra St. in Greenhills, catch Music Front, The GoSignals, Contras, and Shuffle Union (and match the band with the genre, if you so desire). Plus, bands like Pulikats, Earthlings, Steady Movin'Beat, Pink Cow and Hong Kong Wasabi will be providing support. Sounds fun, yes?

And though this team of geeks running this blogsite has spinned in many occasions in the past (my favorite gig happens to be the one at Freedom bar some 3 years ago, which was cut short because the place was practically shaking with sonic energy emanating from the bands), this is the first time that we will be spinning as Trash Radio Manila. We are certainly looking forward to this event, for we do plan to play a good bulk of our personal favorites. Surprise, surprise. Just show up, will you? Entrance will set you back at P50 and it comes with a drink. Hey, ho, lezgooow!!! :)))

More details on the bands can be found here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome To The Working Week

I sure hope you had a great weekend. Another working week is about to commence, a fact that may sound good, bad, or banal, depending on one's present mindset and expectations....

And yes, some words about this song which I have been meaning to post for quite sometime.

This song came out around 1994, and during that time here in Manila it was enjoying massive rotation in a particular radio station. I admit to having reacted with disdain the first time I heard it, which, according to the afternoon jock, was performed by a certain band called Pulpito.

I thought, WTF is this song?! It sounded so ... crass! I would cringe every time I heard it being played over the radio.

And cringe I did, until, by some mysterious power of nature, I developed an inexplicable liking for the song. The liking eventually developed into a sick addiction, as I would tune in to that radio station just to get to listen to the said tune at least once a day. And, like a virulent strain of some newly discovered virus, the song eventually infected someone in the house: my mother. (Horrors!)

I want a copy of that song, fast, my mom said. So this was what she got on her birthday:


There are certainly a good number of songs that can be said to have defined the music of the 90s in Manila, mainstream or underground. I am not one to contest any theory or conviction as far as this is concerned. I daresay, though, that Pulpito's "Bad Trip" is one of the most memorable songs to have come out of the decade. My late mother (bless her soul) would have probably agreed with me, and would most probably chant the last lines for you with gusto to prove her point: Heh! Leche! Puñeta!

So, here it is. Pulpito. "Bad Trip". Have a great week y'all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Listen Up: This Is Disco Clash!

Let me tell you something about The Clash. Joe Strummer in particular. No, I won't tell you anything that you already know.

The Clash means a lot to me: I can probably associate a Clash song or two to a particular situation in my life with relative ease. I loved it the first time I heard Joe Strummer holler: London's Burning!!! I sure loved the way Paul Simonon slung his bass guitar; he is to me the coolest man to have ever worn a bass guitar. I have great respect for Mick Jones' pop sensibilities. And Topper Headon's style was both understated and appropriate. It goes without saying, The Clash matters a lot to me.

So much so, that I have yet to fully get over the fact that Joe Strummer has been dead for more than five years. What the hey. He and The Clash were an ever-evolving act, breaking down the barriers (along with their peers) that would have otherwise encased the sound of punk into a boring monotony. The Clash did songs that no longer sounded punk as we knew it, treading precarious waters in the process - and eventually sealing their immortality in the musical realm.

Let me tell you this, friend. We cannot go back to what we used to. Everything in this world must evolve. (Do you hear me, monsignor?)

Ah, yes. You knew that, too. :D So, join me then, as we sing and dance along what we may have to call Disco Clash! These are quirky remixes from our friends at the Long Island Dub Recording Studio. The playlist? Come on, figuring out the songs should be as easy as chicken pie.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rude Maynila Photos Now Up

Rude Maynila was a blast. Congratulations to Bisikleta Productions for its successful comeback. Ten-02 Bar, as I mentioned previously, was overflowing, never mind that there was another big event taking place somewhere in Fort Bonifacio. Here are some photos to show that the rudies did have a party of their own last August 30. Cheerio!

Captured live! Pink Cow, The Pulikats, the rude crowd, Barrio Morning Glory, The Soundblasters!, Greetings From Julie, The Marcos Cronies, Earthlings, and Juan Pablo Dream's Bing Austria adding some soul to the event. Yes dearies, click on the tiny pics to see them better ;) Salamat kay Hilboy.

More accounts of this gig here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Coming Up On Trash Radio Manila

Trying to find a better reason for our prolonged absence in the, uhm, blogosphere, rather than state the overused excuse: We have been busy. I'd better not risk seeing you roll your eyeballs and mutter "Palusot!" in dreadful unison.

So to appease you, why not tell you what we have in store for you in the next few weeks, instead? Here goes:

1. Ever heard of NFM? NFM stands for NoFuckingMorals, and half of this band, as far as I know, is now part of the melodic hardcore outfit The Beauty Of Doubt. You might want to know that NFM actually released an album in February 23, 2002 titled "We Who Walk The Earth". I heard that NFM might, just might, make the entire contents of the said album available for download ... soon. If you have never seen this band ever and are itching to find out how they sounded, then just wait up for our upcoming playlists, as we will be playing samples from the album here, in Trash Radio Manila.

2. I can easily come up with a couple of reasons to believe that good things, indeed, come to those who wait. This is definitely a good testament to this trusty saying.
Anis, our friend in Singapore who happens to be part of the band Sideline (fresh from their rollicking gig at the Queen City of the South a few months before) and the moving force behind One Voice Records, sent us some cds and merch. The package has reached us at last, and the wait is well worth it. Patience does pay off. (Many thanks, Anis.) We are featuring some songs
from these albums pretty soon.

3. What happened during Bisikleta Productions' Rude Maynila?

One word to describe the gig: overflowing.

And since pictures can very much describe how the event has been (it was held last August 30, 2008 at Ten-02 Bar in Quezon City), we are posting some photos of the gig. Again, soon. ;)

Plus, the usual playlists, write-ups, side comments in our ever-reliable chatbox, and what-have-you's. Keep it here, people. Right here.