Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome To The Working Week

I sure hope you had a great weekend. Another working week is about to commence, a fact that may sound good, bad, or banal, depending on one's present mindset and expectations....

And yes, some words about this song which I have been meaning to post for quite sometime.

This song came out around 1994, and during that time here in Manila it was enjoying massive rotation in a particular radio station. I admit to having reacted with disdain the first time I heard it, which, according to the afternoon jock, was performed by a certain band called Pulpito.

I thought, WTF is this song?! It sounded so ... crass! I would cringe every time I heard it being played over the radio.

And cringe I did, until, by some mysterious power of nature, I developed an inexplicable liking for the song. The liking eventually developed into a sick addiction, as I would tune in to that radio station just to get to listen to the said tune at least once a day. And, like a virulent strain of some newly discovered virus, the song eventually infected someone in the house: my mother. (Horrors!)

I want a copy of that song, fast, my mom said. So this was what she got on her birthday:


There are certainly a good number of songs that can be said to have defined the music of the 90s in Manila, mainstream or underground. I am not one to contest any theory or conviction as far as this is concerned. I daresay, though, that Pulpito's "Bad Trip" is one of the most memorable songs to have come out of the decade. My late mother (bless her soul) would have probably agreed with me, and would most probably chant the last lines for you with gusto to prove her point: Heh! Leche! Puñeta!

So, here it is. Pulpito. "Bad Trip". Have a great week y'all.

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