Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Listen Up: This Is Disco Clash!

Let me tell you something about The Clash. Joe Strummer in particular. No, I won't tell you anything that you already know.

The Clash means a lot to me: I can probably associate a Clash song or two to a particular situation in my life with relative ease. I loved it the first time I heard Joe Strummer holler: London's Burning!!! I sure loved the way Paul Simonon slung his bass guitar; he is to me the coolest man to have ever worn a bass guitar. I have great respect for Mick Jones' pop sensibilities. And Topper Headon's style was both understated and appropriate. It goes without saying, The Clash matters a lot to me.

So much so, that I have yet to fully get over the fact that Joe Strummer has been dead for more than five years. What the hey. He and The Clash were an ever-evolving act, breaking down the barriers (along with their peers) that would have otherwise encased the sound of punk into a boring monotony. The Clash did songs that no longer sounded punk as we knew it, treading precarious waters in the process - and eventually sealing their immortality in the musical realm.

Let me tell you this, friend. We cannot go back to what we used to. Everything in this world must evolve. (Do you hear me, monsignor?)

Ah, yes. You knew that, too. :D So, join me then, as we sing and dance along what we may have to call Disco Clash! These are quirky remixes from our friends at the Long Island Dub Recording Studio. The playlist? Come on, figuring out the songs should be as easy as chicken pie.

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