Monday, September 8, 2008

Coming Up On Trash Radio Manila

Trying to find a better reason for our prolonged absence in the, uhm, blogosphere, rather than state the overused excuse: We have been busy. I'd better not risk seeing you roll your eyeballs and mutter "Palusot!" in dreadful unison.

So to appease you, why not tell you what we have in store for you in the next few weeks, instead? Here goes:

1. Ever heard of NFM? NFM stands for NoFuckingMorals, and half of this band, as far as I know, is now part of the melodic hardcore outfit The Beauty Of Doubt. You might want to know that NFM actually released an album in February 23, 2002 titled "We Who Walk The Earth". I heard that NFM might, just might, make the entire contents of the said album available for download ... soon. If you have never seen this band ever and are itching to find out how they sounded, then just wait up for our upcoming playlists, as we will be playing samples from the album here, in Trash Radio Manila.

2. I can easily come up with a couple of reasons to believe that good things, indeed, come to those who wait. This is definitely a good testament to this trusty saying.
Anis, our friend in Singapore who happens to be part of the band Sideline (fresh from their rollicking gig at the Queen City of the South a few months before) and the moving force behind One Voice Records, sent us some cds and merch. The package has reached us at last, and the wait is well worth it. Patience does pay off. (Many thanks, Anis.) We are featuring some songs
from these albums pretty soon.

3. What happened during Bisikleta Productions' Rude Maynila?

One word to describe the gig: overflowing.

And since pictures can very much describe how the event has been (it was held last August 30, 2008 at Ten-02 Bar in Quezon City), we are posting some photos of the gig. Again, soon. ;)

Plus, the usual playlists, write-ups, side comments in our ever-reliable chatbox, and what-have-you's. Keep it here, people. Right here.


Anonymous said...

Hey 'Gi, any idea if there may still be available copies of the NFM album? Thanks!

Marika and friends said...

Hi Dave, como estas? I doubt if there are any copies of NFM available...but let's ask the cheese :D