Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 18 Part 3: And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

This episode, my friends, is brought to you by Tanduay..."suwabe, may katawan, husto sa gulang, tulad niyo".

We chose Tanduay to be our sponsor because I am personally on LSS mode. The video of Vivian Velez gyrating beside the image of a Tanduay bottle is playing like a loop in my mind. Vic Vargas' menacing stare is at once dusturbing and intriguing. What a cheeky yet memorable ad.

But then, Tanduay is paying us nothing, not even a cent. Which is perfectly fine with us. Anyway, we have work that we like and engage in activities that we like. Many times we take matters in our hands so that we can do something that we like when nobody seems to be willing to offer sponsorship, and most of the time we find ourselves more satisfied. And dependence, it seems, is one hard ailment to treat. (Ahoy! Listen up!)

In the playlist are three local hard-hitting hardcore specialists Throw, Tame The Tikbalang, and T.S.A., as well as two heavyweight acts Public Enemy and Body Count. I won't be saying much about these acts, since most of you are likely to be familiar with them. (But for readers who are not so familiar with the local acts, please hit the search button on this site, for I have written about them many times.) Instead, I want you to pay particular attention to T.S.A.'s cover of Urban Bandits' "Blood In Every Heart"... for a while I thought it was Slayer playing the first time I heard it (guffaws). Great cover, I must say! In fact the lyrics seem more intelligible than that of the original. Now how's that? ;)

The playlist:

1. THROW - "Walang Hustisya"
2. PUBLIC ENEMY - "Rebel Without a Pause"
3. TAME THE TIKBALANG - "Coming Straight At Ya"
4. BODY COUNT (with JELLO BIAFRA) - "Freedom of Speech"
5. TSA - "Blood in Every Heart"

For high bitrate episode, click here.

Captured by Powershot: Russell Eustaquio of Tame The Tikbalang

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