Monday, August 4, 2008

From Us To You, Raiyan Shafiq

We are making this little announcement that we picked up from our network. If any one of you will be in Singapore this month, do check out this event.From Us To You is a series of benefit shows for three year-old Raiyan Shafiq, who is afflicted with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD). The disease has hit the child's brain stem, that part of the brain that controls the body's vital functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure. Because of this, the child's breathing has to be maintained by a ventilator, and since digestion is also affected, he can only take milk through a tube coursed down to his stomach.

There are 3 dates set for the benefit gigs, and you can check out the participating bands on the poster provided in this post and at the side rail. Incidentally, Trash Radio Manila will be featuring The Full Pledge Munkees, one of the participating bands, in our upcoming (and much delayed) playlist which will feature some Malaysia-Singapore bands. Something to look forward to this week.

(By the way, T.S.A. is also participating, but we won't be featuring them muna, 'coz they're rock stars na, hahaha! Of course, we're kidding. By constantly representing the Philippines in the Singapore hardcore arena, T.S.A. is doing all of us a great service.)

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