Thursday, August 21, 2008

More On The Truth Fest

Most of you may still be at a loss as to what bands will be playing tomorrow at The Truth Fest. The truth of the matter is, no one's really sure what the final band line-up will be. But to many who will be in attendance tomorrow, would this really matter? There are many more activities such as inter-faith rituals, talks from resource speakers, food booths, and a session devoted to the litany of untruths. Read about it here.

We have been told, however, that some of the artists who be participating are The WUDS, Coffee Break Island, The Jerks, Datu's Tribe, Music Front, and Ms. Grace Nono. Do check out this event tomorrow. And before I forget, do keep in mind that there will be no alcoholic drinks during The Truth Fest. Be warned, you.

Kodak moment: The Jerks (Nitoy Adriano, Chikoy Pura, Edwin Aguilar), 70s Bistro, sometime March 2008

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