Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 18 Part 2: Under The Sun

Aren't we all busy people? This episode's playlist may have been a tad delayed. In fact we promised to feature The Full Pledge Munkees, one of the bands who will be playing in From Us To You. The latter is a series of benefit shows for the young Raiyan Shafiq which I mentioned in my previous post. Do check it out, will you.

The playlist is a collection of songs from bands based in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. We have heard about these bands in the past, but it is about time we play some songs from our Malaysian and Singaporean friends. I find it quite weird that most of us are actually unfamiliar with the music produced by our very neighbors, when they are as deserving of airplay as our Western counterparts.

All one under the sun: Eman of D.O.T. Records, Ojie of T.S.A., Hassib of Blinded Humanity, Hilboy of Bisikleta Productions. Singapore 2008

Certainly, we all have varying convictions and predispositions. But music is testament that we can be one, and that we are one, under the sun.

So, for the playlist:

1. COFFEE BREAK ISLAND - "Tubig ay Buhay"
2. GERHANA SKA CINTA - "Time Will Tell"
5. FAIRY GOAT MUDDER - "Up In My Head"

Out of the ashes of Snubnose rose Coffee Break Island sometime in the late 90s (or early 2000), if I recall right. I first saw them around 2002, and I was instantly mesmerized by the vocalist Paul Puti-an's raspy, alcohol and smoke-laden voice and the band's undeniable musicality and engaging stage presence. Years later, CBI is now known to the gig circuit as one of the most hardworking bands around, playing in various places in the metro and beyond. The song "Tubig ay Buhay" comes from the compilation of environmental songs called RapuRapu atbp., a project by the Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines.

Next comes Gerhana Ska Cinta, another band that have been keeping Malaysia and Singapore on their (steel) toes for the past nine years. Their site, however, implies that they have recently disbanded (R.I.P. 1999-2008). Are they, really? The band appears on the list via "Time Will Tell".

The Full Pledge Munkees, too, have been playing their aggressive brand of ska for 9 years. Though they came up with an EP in 2000, it was only December of last year when they released their debut album, Pick It Up! The song "On The Line" is about the therapeutic effects of making music - go listen and be cured.

Another contemporary of the above-mentioned bands is Plague Of Happiness. These guys have appeared in numerous compilations (Before We Were Young, All Of The Ska Bands Are Splitting Up, Tribute To Acab Vol. 1) but it is only recently that they came up with their first album called Kawan. The song "Tiada Idea" comes from their debut; more tracks have been uploaded over at their MySpace site.

Fairy Goat Mudder may no longer be around, but we have included in the playlist a song called "Up In My Head". The said song appears in the compilation called Before We Were Young, which also included Plague Of Happiness, Scherzo, and Fags And Stoned.

Photos come the artists' respective sites. Our special acknowledgments go to Hilboy of Bisikleta Productions. This gentleman has something special for you: a gig called Rude Maynila, on August 30, 2008 at Ten-02 Bar. Stay tuned, and keep your ears clean.

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