Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...And A Blast From The Past

I have been swamped with errands lately, but I cannot let this one pass.

Some sectors may find it unusual for me to feature this Youtube clip (courtesy of Flagwavercharacter), and depending on your affiliation, you are entitled to your reaction (titillated, insulted, melancholic, aggro, whatever). I have this video uploaded in my Multiply site a long time ago simply because this is one of those commercials whose visuals and rather cheeky jingle stuck in my mind like epoxy. And, not so surprisingly, my Multiply site gets a substantial chunk of traffic because of this vid. As in, maaaaannny male users who don't even belong to my network chance upon my site, most likely because they were typing Vivian Velez on the search box. Cool, huh?

So there. Take a look at Vivian Velez and Vic Vargas, VV's both, in this very 70's Tanduay ad.

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