Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembering Joe Strummer On His 7th Death Anniversary

On the occasion of the seventh death anniversary of John Graham Mellor, better known to the world as Joe Strummer, Don Letts hosted a tribute over at the BBC 6 Music Radio Last Sunday, December 20. It featured, aside from tunes from Strummer and The Clash, a dub version of London Calling which is part of the called Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer. (You can check out the article and the sound clip here.) Don Letts, as you know by know, is the man who is arguably responsible for the marriage of punk and dub in the London scene.

All over the world, Strummer tributes were being staged, such as in Bologna, Italy last December 12, in Phoenix, Arizona last December 19, and of course over at London, England. It would be virtually futile to enumerate all tribute gigs here.

It seems the world has not yet completely gotten over the fact that Strummer, musical visionary and mover who virtually broke the walls that contained punk music, is gone. Understandably so.

Trash Radio Manila will never cease to put out blog posts about Strummer, which is an unabashed personal favorite. For this year, I have collected some songs both from his works with The Clash and later on with The Mescaleros, highlighting the breadth of Joe's vision and passion.

The tracklist:

1. Armagideon Time (The Clash)
2. Joe Strummer on the political nature of The Clash as lifted from Rockers Galore album
3. London's Burning (The Clash)
4. Safe European Home (The Clash)
5. Police On My Back (The Clash)
6. Capitol Radio Two (The Clash)
7. Bhindi Bhagee (Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros)
8. Joe Strummer ("Without people, we're nothing), lifted from The Future Is Unwritten
9. The Sound Of The Sinners (The Clash)
10. Train In Vain (The Clash)
11. The Road To Rock 'n' Roll (Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros)
12. Redemption Song (Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros)

I will probably put up one more post that will feature new All-Pinoy stuff next week, the last for this tumultuous year. Did you guys find time to go to the gigs this weekend? A late addition to the gig round-up was the farewell tribute gig to Juandokito, horn sessionist for Pinkcow. Christmas is coming in three days ... does it feel like it for you? Be safe everyone, and remember the true reason for this season. Merry Christmas!

[A related post also appears at The Last Song Syndrome.]

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Again, And Again (Upcoming December Gigs, Including A Tribute Gig For AAW's Peter Bautista)

With this short announcement of upcoming gigs come sad tidings, as if the multitude of tragedies that have hit people individually and collectively is not enough.

Asawhole's Peter Bautista died, and a tribute gig called Beat The Count will be held at Santa Rosa, Laguna on December 12. Please refer to the siderail for the poster and the details of the gig. Rest In Peace, Peter.

Other gigs posters are up at the siderail, like the December edition of The Bing Austria Show, Rockers and Mods, MAIM's Silent Night NOT, and the Krupskaya gig. More announcements to come as we go along.

Hang in there folks ... we'll get through this year alive and in one piece. Cheers to you all.

Photo of AAW from their MySpace site, as captured by Jim Tan Nuevo.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Days Like These (The Horse Of Yokaba's Metal & Hardcore/Punk Nite!, November 28, 2009, Saturday, Leprechaun Bar, QC)

The year 2009 is above to come to a close, consequentially ending what Time Magazine calls "The Decade From Hell". Of course, this is relative, with the article citing disasters of various forms that had hit mainly America and, eventually, most part of the world. The Philippines, for one, did not fare any better, and for a time the running joke within many circles was that our poor country cannot be hard hit by global recession, simply because our economy has long been in recession in the first place.

[Photo at right is from the TIME website; please click here.]

So when someone from another dimension said in a good friend's dream that "Hell is overrated", I can almost believe that this statement was actually uttered and was not just a figment of a grieving person's imagination. Hell is overrated, indeed: this probably is the closest thing to hell for the majority who live far beyond their means.

However, it cannot be all that bad.

Sometimes all we need is just to sharpen our vision. When we do not see anything, we sharpen our reflexes. And then rely on something we call faith.

The music scene, too, went through really hard times, no thanks to information overload and lack of inspiration. (For instance, many of these bands on mainstream sound alike. Worse, I just do not dig the uninspired covers of songs being done left and right.) The scene is starting to lose the stalwarts, and definitely it needs more than just faith to keep the candle burning....

Gigs like Yokaba's Metal & Hardcore/Punk Nite and proponents like Boyet Miguel continue to keep the scene alive, and we need more...

More inspiration, more movers, more sustenance, more involvement....and the list goes on.

Anyway, enough with the rant. Some of the bands that played last Saturday at the Leprechaun Bar were West (which I did not get to see), Mihara (I swear these guys are really better heard live: they are solid.), DOA, Bad Omen, Piledriver, Tame The Tikbalang, and End Of Man. Below are some photos. It was a well-attended affair, and food and beer at my side of the table was, well, near overflowing. (Salamat, Romel!)



Bad Omen


Tame The Tikbalang

End Of Man

More gigs coming up, I do keep the siderail updated with gig posters for the most part (heehee). Kitakits!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The French Connection: Part 1

Dis moi quelque chose en francais, mon ami.

[Photo taken by Ondřej Žváček, see corresponding link here.]

What do I know about the French?

Not much. I only know the French that many people know. Romantic, subtle, a lover of beauty in all forms. It is, sadly, a superficial way of getting to know them, as I would find out recently during my increasingly frequent interactions with the French people.

My kind and fantastic friends made me want to know more about their very interesting culture, which is definitely not just about King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the architecture of the Eiffel tower. The French are not just about foie gras, fillet mignon, vin, fromage; they are not just the human race which speaks the language that Maurice Arcache is so crazy about. (Je comprends maintenant, mon palangga. Hahahah!)

The French is a lot more than that. Apparently French music is just one of the aspects of their culture that I discover to be so wonderfully diverse. It is sad that I come to appreciate this only now, but I guess it is not yet too late for me, and for the non-French speaking music-loving denizens of the world.

For one, punk does exist in France. Oui! It was born almost at the same time punk exploded in England. A brief discussion on the French punk and new wave from 1975 to 1985 appears here.

(Photo at left: Album cover of the compilation of French punk tunes, 1977-1980, released by EMI France in 2002.)

It is quite known that France dishes out some of the best electronic music around, with Daft Punk being its best-known export to the world. However, there is so much more to French electronic music than Daft Punk. A great number of artists create sonically rich materials that tend to be dark, one would be wondering if being gloomy is an actual characteristic of the French.

Folk music is one genre I have personally most associated French music as a whole: the French does seriously good folk songs. But it was a pleasant surprise for me to find some pretty cool French hiphop, metal, and even dub pieces, too.

It makes me sad that the problem of language (not to mention the problem of payola in the popular airwaves!) has a lot to do with our lack of awareness and access to music that are worth listening. One need not look far: our very own local artists who deserve airplay do not get enough of it. The same can be said about out Southeast Asian neighbours. So what more about the very remotely based French music? (Isn't American music just as remote, in the first place?)

This aching desire to hear something quite new, as well as my current fascination for the French, prompted me to create this playlist. Mes amis et amies sont ma source d'inspiration pour cette playlist. I hope you all like it. Oui, right this moment I am already working on Part 2. Below is the list:

1. ALAIN GORAGUER - "Terr et Tiwa Dorment"

"Terr et Tiwa Dorment" comes from the highly acclaimed soundtrack recording of the 1973 film "La Planete Sauvage". I came across this album through the recommendation of no less than Arvin Nogueras (known to most as Caliph8). We here at Trash Radio Manila had and will always respect Arvin's musical taste, so it is but fair to say that a recommendation from him is worth a listen or two. And I am happy to have done it again.

2. OBERKAMPF - "La Marseillaise"

Probably one of the most popular punk bands in France in the 1975-1985 era. Often cited as the band that burned down the French flag onstage. Joe Hell, vocalist for this group, sounds like a cross between Stiv Bators and Billy Idol, which is curiously a good thing.

3. ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN - "Yvett'Blouse"

EFL's music is described by most as progressive rock, others avant-garde, and I even came across an article that says they are punk. What the heck was that all about! "Yvett'Blouse" is from the album Batelages, a fine showcase of the band's musical skills and sonic brilliance. I enjoyed listening to this album, it certainly takes some bit of getting used to. Then again, it is all a matter of taste: I just have to say, different is good for everyone.

4. METAL URBAIN - "Cle De Contact"

The first ever release by Rough Trade is actually a single by this band titled "Paris Maquis". Metal Urban was punk, but used synth and drum machines at the same time, and if you were a kid living during the late 1970s when punk was in full swing, this would probably had blown your mind away. Or maybe, confuse you. An excerpt in their biography that appears on their MySpace account reads as follows: "(On the topic of Metal Urbain's single "Panik" b/w "Lady Coca-Cola") "Panik" on Side A was very angry punk, but not like any punk we’d ever heard before. I loved the screaming synth noises and the pissed-off French lyrics. I could not understand the French, but it completely destroyed the idea that the French could not rock because the language did not fit the music. Now French was a fiery punk weapon. But the real shock was the B-side, "Lady Coca-Cola." It was not really punk, more an attack of pure noise. Maybe a little Heldon/R. Pinhas, but more like being attacked by dentist’s drills coming out of the stereo—wow! These guys weren’t just different, they were insane." The author: Jello Biafra.

5. STALAG - "Date Limité de Vente"

The band Stalag was short-lived, producing only one 7" in its entire existence. This song is at Side B, and the vinyl came out in 1981. Not much has been written about these guys. There is a site dedicated to Stalag, but heaven help me, I'd rather refer you to the site. (My command of the French language, I admit, is very weak, and a lot of things may be lost in translation if I make further attempts.)

6. SELENITE VOX - "Voix Dans Le Tunnel"

This song is part of a rare split 10" released by Selenite Vox and Les Abscons in 1982. Both bands played around with experimental sounds, and the album was titled PRZ001AB. You can read more about Selenite Vox on their MySpace site.

7. SNIX - "Madou"

It's French Oi! this time. Snix was formed in 1982 and eventually recorded a full-length LP titled "Coeur De Lion", from which "Madou" comes. The song also appears in a number of compilations, one of which is "Oi! The French Connection".

8. AUSWEIS (with PUPPA LESLIE) - "Cours Leslie Cours Dub"

Ausweis and the late Puppa Leslie recorded "Dub Action" (the album from which this track came out), which proved to be a courageous move for them. "Dub Action" is a political album and no label (except for Danceteria) was willing to release it, furthering the rather subversive image attached to the group's reputation. More about Ausweis in their MySpace site.

9. STINKY TOYS - "Driver Blues"

Another recognisable name in French punk. Stinky Toys are from Rennes, and while they are at the receiving end of not-so-kind reviews a good number of time (described as bland), there is no denying that the group were one of the pioneers of the early Paris punk scene. (Photo off the band's MySpace site)

10. SONERIEN DU - "Chench Tu"

I thought it best to wrap up this playlist with "Chench Tu", a song from a group called Sonerien Du. Sonerien Du comes from Bretagne, a place which, as far as I know, is home to some of the most enduring French folk music around. This group is just as enduring, they were formed in 1971 and still perform to this very day. Check them out.

I enjoyed doing this, you know? The list may confuse most of you, but I had fun and it is all good. If you had fun just like I did, merci beaucoup! If not...then, how about Part 2?

A bientôt tout le monde! :)

Ma gratitude: Please take a look at these sites.

La Folie Du Jour (
Ezhevika Fields (
France Music (
Nostalgie De La Boue (
Phoenix Hairpins (
Good Bad Music for Bad Bad Times! (

Monday, November 16, 2009

The More The Merrier: Scenes from The Bing Austria Show, November 14, 2009

After quite a period of absence from the gig circuit, I found myself at Sazi's Restobar last Saturday. The November installment of the monthly Bing Austria show was ongoing, and proponents Hil and Bing were at the entrance.

Substantial crowd, food, beer, pleasantries. I was asked about this blog and was subsequently prodded. "Update mo na ang Trash Radio, sige ka, we'll make our own playlist in another blog," came the friendly banter (something to that effect). To which I replied, why not, go ahead, the more the merrier.

[I mean it. The more blogs with a common goal to play good music and support the bands in the scene, the better. To these blogs, both existing and up-and-coming, I have always thrown in my whole-hearted support. We definitely need people with this singular vision during these trying times.]

Back to the gig. Earlier an audition hour was held, and I have been told that this is likely to go on in the months to follow. When I arrived at the venue, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy was playing. (For those of you who might be asking, this is The Marcos Cronies with a new frontman.) Prior to that, Tolonguez Death Squad played, as well as The Young Instigators (if I am not mistaken, Bing did a few numbers with them), and The GoSignals.

The Cronies were followed by surf enthusiasts Tango Bitoy (really cool guitar playing by Rod Mijares). Bad Omen did a surprise appearance right after. Rocket Punch played, initially with Mae of Shuffle Union doing the vox and dubs, then succeeded by Usual Suspects veteran Marlon. Barrio Morning Glory I believe was the last band to play that night.Apparently, the accessory of the night was HATS. (When will it ever be trenchcoats? Hahaha!) Below are some photos from the gig.

Bing Austria

The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy

Tango Bitoy

Bad Omen

Mae of Shuffle Union fronting Rocket Punch

Marlon of Usual Suspects singing for Rocket Punch

Barrio Morning Glory

I think I have already gotten my present computer running. (Thanks to Adobe Photoshop! Yay!) Glad to be blogging once again. Now it is not exactly my habit to promote my current indulgences, but I have two things to tell you, and I am quite excited:

1. I am starting another blog really soon, tentatively titled "Manila and Beyond."

2. Some queer changes in the playlist may be coming up, again, really soon, when my heart permits it. (Of course, I have a very permissive heart. Hahah!)

See you guys. Biiiizzzz!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paumanhin ...

... my main computer crashed and am working on one that has not been souped up yet, thus accounting for the paucity of posts. My apologies.

[In photo: Fire, Lightning and Rain. And me. The author of this blog being burned a la Joan of Arc.]

I am coming back soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

And The Spanish Word For Trash Is ...

Basura!!! (Watch this cute Sesame Street clip.)

I have not done a playlist for quite some time. This time I thought I'd do a Spanish episode. More than a year ago I met someone from South America online. He told me that he plays drums for a band which I will not mention outright. (Clue: A song from this band appears in the playlist.) He may be saying the truth, or may be pulling my leg (hopefully not!), but I have to say that I was a little stumped when he asked me what Spanish-speaking punk/ska/reggae/hardcore acts I am familiar with.

As if we do not know this for a fact (simply start here, yes, in the Philippines: you just have to look around to see Throw, Tame The Tikbalang, and a whole lot more local bands to name a few), there are so many non-English-speaking bands (technically defined as those that do not count English as their native tongue) around that sound just as great. Thus I came up with this playlist.


Uruguay-born Alika is now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She founded one of the first rap acts in Argentina, Actitud Maria Marta, which she eventually left in 1999 in what seems to be a shift more towards Rastafarian culture. "Paciencia" comes from the album Sin Intermediarios, and you can find out more about Alika on her MySpace site, though I have to warn you that knowledge of Spanish is an extreme advantage.

2. INTOCABLES - "Necesito Ska"

Another act from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Intocables play rousing ska. These guy have been around since the early 90s, as far as I understand. Still going strong with two of its original members staying put. On the playlist is "Necesito Ska".

3. LA FURIA - "Aburrido en los USA"

I read that The Clash all-cover album of this band from Barcelona, Spain is a cassette-only release, accounting for less than sterling audio quality. It's a pity really because some tracks from the Por Algo Mas Que Por Gusto are pretty good. I think "Aburrido en los USA" is one of the album's best tracks.


Wow, who doesn't know Voodoo Glow Skulls? These guys from California have been around dishing out their furious brand of ska-core since the late 80s. The Casillas brothers together with the rest of their crew continue to tour heavily, apparently not showing any signs of slowing down. Check out their MySpace site here.

5. PATRULLERO MANCUSO - "El Peine De La Tortuga"

Patrullero Mancuso are from Madrid, Spain and they play quirky, thoughtful pop music. "El Peine De La Tortuga" comes from the band's third album under Elefant, titled Tortilla Estatal. Find out more about them here.

6. RAMONEX - "Judy Es Una Punk"

Ok, another cover song, so sue me. Ramonex did The Ramones (obviously), even did a similar pose on the album cover. The full tracklist to Tribute Ao Ramones can be found on this link.

7. MOJIGANGA - "Sin Razon No Hay Vida"

From Medellin, Colombia comes Mojiganga, a band that has been playing together since 1995. With six albums under their belt, Mojiganga continues to tour and record apparently with a goal to infuse their Colombian roots in the so-called international underground movement. Maybe you guys will get the picture by dropping by their MySpace site here.

Ok, I finally got this done. Who knows what playlist I may be coming up in the days to come? French? Norse? Slav? Japanese? Possibilities are endless, and should be very very interesting to do. Have a great weekend people, or whatever remains of it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Weekends That Were


The wailers: Dennis Maniego, Albert Ascona, Jun Quiane, and frenzied pair during T.S.A.'s gig over at the Leprechaun Bar, September 18, 2009

I sure missed a lot these past weekends. Though I was lucky enough to catch the fantastic T.S.A. during the September 18 gig at the Leprechaun Bar sponsored by Filter Zine (Huwaaaaaaat? Antagal na pala? Shame shame. :( ), I missed the Bisikleta-sponsored T.S.A. sortee at Ten02 bar. Yes I also missed the Tarlac gig last October 10 (featuring Throw, Tame The Tikbalang, Bad Omen, and a whole lot more, my apologies for not having posted the poster, very very sorry), and I friggin' missed The Bing Austria Show the day after and the "Picking Up The Pieces" fund raising gig last October 12. Please don't ask me what has happened to me these past few weeks, it is something very very horrendous and not worth sharing here. (Sob sob sob, I sure hope to get over this year in one piece, I seriously do!). Suffice to say though that while things were battering me up to pieces (grrrr...), all seems to be alive and thriving this side of the music scene.

Will be posting my backlogs real soon. Below are some photos taken from T.S.A.'s Leprechaun gig and the October 10 Tarlac gig. (Thank you so much to Mina for the incredible photos of the Tarlac gig. Are you the female Andy Rosen? :))) )

T.S.A., Leprechaun Bar, September 18, 2009

Ojie of T.S.A.

Pedrobandido, T.S.A.

T.S.A. with Arnold Morales doing "Blood In Every Heart"

Throw with Ojie of T.S.A.

Tarlac, October 10, 2009

Russell Eustaquio of Tame The Tikbalang

Jun Idiot

Jun, Boyet, Al, Russ, Albert

Tarlac Kids

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Picking Up The Pieces Updates


Here's the *updated* updated poster of the upcoming event on Sunday, October 11, 3pm at Ten02 Bar. (Heheh, that's redundancy for you.)

Updates to the line-up are the addition of The Jerks! In lieu of Coffee Break Island, we'll be seeing CBI's Paul Puti-an live.

And of course, topbilling the show too are Throw, The GoSignals, and Tsunami Tsunami. Soundblasters will provide the sounds in between sets. Do note that other donations in kind (blankets, mosquito nets, medicine, water etc) aside from easy open canned goods will be accepted at the gate. Proceeds will go to the Bayan Muna Relief Mission.

See you all on Sunday.

[A donation box will be set up on this date and during The Bing Austria Show at Sazi's Restobar on Saturday - the day before the fund-raising gig. Check out the posters on the side rail. ]

Friday, October 2, 2009

More Public Service: Picking Up The Pieces

[Details to follow, including the list of bands, beneficiary, and possible addition of accepted donation.]

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Public Service For Now: The Wrath of Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy (and more to come?!) PLUS Benefit Gig Tonight For The Victims Of Typhoon Ondoy At Ten02 Bar

Indulgence please. Public service first before the playlists and gig updates. I have written about the havoc wrecked by Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy and the means for you guys to help in my other blog and I am reprinting it here.

PUBLIC SERVICE: A TYPHOON NAMED KETSANA/ONDOY (and many more typhoons to come?!)

Ketsana (PAGASA name: Ondoy) : the proper name for the typhoon that left Metro Manila (National Capital region, Republic of the Philippines) and its surrounding areas practically underwater, creating what is now said to be the worst flood to have hit Manila in 50 years.

The winds started rushing in late in the morning of Saturday, September 26, and soon after the rains were pouring in. Perhaps I underestimated this outburst of Mother Nature, because I was still bent on walking from my house to Powerplant Mall to get some groceries.

Many hours later, I found out that I was one lucky lucky bastard.

Lucky because, I live in a high place and my area was one of the very few parts of the metro which was not hit by floods: all I had to deal with along the way that fateful Saturday was numerous puddles and temporarily lost cable and connection services. SMS were coming in from friends, mainly checking on one another's safety, and then reality gripped me. More than 80% of Metro Manila was flooded, leaving 246 people dead (as of the latest count) and many more homeless, without electricity, food, and water,

This is just an example of how the typhoon has affected the lives of even the people I know. Fortunately for my friend Jan, the floods receded and her family was alright. (You can read about her own account here and see some other photos courtesy of Maren Mae here.) As of this time, there are still people left stranded on the rooftops and in buildings, and as such boats and divers' services were being solicited. Many homeless families in Marikina, one of the places hardest hit by the storm, are cramped in classrooms, babies still covered with mud, and many with wounds. There is no electricity nor water for the most part of the area. It is likely indeed that an epidemic will break soon.

It also does not help to know that another typhoon is about to come in on Thursday, tomorrow .... (yep, Parma is not just another name for ham nor the Italian city anymore :( )

It is disheartening, to say to the least. TIME asks succinctly, why wasn't Manila prepared? Indeed, when disasters like this hit our city, we often find ourselves huddled, fending for ourselves, helping one another, cursing tragedy and thanking the heavens at the same time ... and the government, until 3 to 4 days later, was hardly in sight...and that's another (bad) story.

Eventually it is just about us, and the people who care, the people we care for, and the people who need our care.

There are many ways to help, and a list can be found here. A good friend forwarded me this link which will take you to a spreadsheet containing a good number of places where goods and monetary help can be donated. This is sufficient information for the moment. Do take time in going over the list, that alone can give you many ideas on how to help out. No one should pressure you to give beyond your means, for no effort is too small nor insignificant, as long as it comes from the heart. Another very useful link here on ML Quezon III's blogsite. Check it out.

[I will be going back to my usual self-indulgent posts next time when it is more appropriate. *grins* See you later, friends.]

I am aware that most of our musicians may have suffered the same fate, getting affected by floods at various degrees. I hereby am opening this particular post for comments, fora, and suggestions on how and where and who will need help in the community. Also please check out the chatbox. To those hard hit by the floods (Albert of TBOD, Nomer of Shuffle Union, etc), is it possible to get updates about their present situation?

In the light of this tragedy, a benefit gig will be held tonight at Ten02 Bar at Timog Avenue, Quezon City...if you have time to spare, please check it out. Juan Pablo Dream will be playing, as well as Alak Pa, Skarlett of course, probably Pink Cow, and 2 more bands that escape me at the moment.

And for the friggin' powers that be, did you have Dead Kennedys' "Kill The Poor" in mind when millions of people in Manila and the surrounding areas were being hit by the storm?!


[playing right now: Dead Kennedys' Kill The Poor]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

T.S.A. Fest This Weekend!

Our Pinoy hardcore friends from Singapore will be playing on Friday, September 18, at the Leprechaun Bar and on Saturday, September 19, at Ten02 bar. This is a rare chance for you guys to see Bimboi, Pedro, and Ojie play together in Manila because, for you to see T.S.A. play, you have to be living or flying over to Singapore, where the boys are currently based.

We here at Trash Radio Manila have always raved at how T.S.A. play, for a good reason. These guys are fast and fierce, yet melodic at the same time. Just to let you know what to expect this weekend, do listen to these tracks off their Break The Silence album.

1. Abusive Authorities - T.S.A.
2. Lie To You - T.S.A.
3. Wala Nang Mura - T.S.A.

Want more? Here's a video clip from YouTube showing T.S.A. captured live at The Guiness Theatre in Singapore. Really steady playing there. T.S.A. will be supported by equally able and larger-than-life bands such as Throw. (Check out the posters.) See you guys at the gigs this weekend.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bing Austria Show on a Very Very Wet September Night

The rains had been pouring in torrents the whole day yesterday, which was such a bummer because, really, non-stop rains can put anyone's spirits down the gutter. Especially so perhaps when you live, or have to report to work in one of those places notorious for flooding up at the slightest downpour. España, the location of Sazi's Bar and the current home of The Bing Austria Show, is one of these places.

Thus, it was quite a miracle that the affair was still decently attended. Not jam-packed, it's more like being in a dingy (pardon the term, it was the first term that came to mind when I entered Sazi's last night - their aircon was out of order!) jazz bar with a sizeable crowd of regulars on a weeknight. Except that the music playing on the stage was a combination of ska, rockabilly, hiphop, mod, and punk.

Unfortunately I missed the performances of Bembol Rockers (wow, labo, how could I have possibly missed these guys?) and AMPON (wow, ang labo talaga, isa ko pang na-miss). Also missed Coffinride, which I was told gave a solid performance. Some bands did not show up: Gut Reaction, Tango Bitoy, Steady Movin' Beat, Skies Of Ember. Pity.

Neighbors did perform (haven't seen these lads for so long, though I expected the line-up changes), as well as The GoSignals, who at present have been regularly including their original, "ELISA", in their set. Also saw Life Without Francis (with the Umble Uno horny guys), Earthlings, and Pusakals. Ojie of TSA (occasionally donning the "Pharaoh" look), was likewise present.

Some photos here. [In order: Pusakals, Neighbors, Earthlings, The GoSignals, Life Without Francis]

Coming Up!

The boys of T.S.A. are playing this weekend: Friday at the Leprechaun Bar, Saturday at Ten02. Something to look forward to. Watch out for updates. have a good week ahead, and don't let the rains get you down.