Monday, November 16, 2009

The More The Merrier: Scenes from The Bing Austria Show, November 14, 2009

After quite a period of absence from the gig circuit, I found myself at Sazi's Restobar last Saturday. The November installment of the monthly Bing Austria show was ongoing, and proponents Hil and Bing were at the entrance.

Substantial crowd, food, beer, pleasantries. I was asked about this blog and was subsequently prodded. "Update mo na ang Trash Radio, sige ka, we'll make our own playlist in another blog," came the friendly banter (something to that effect). To which I replied, why not, go ahead, the more the merrier.

[I mean it. The more blogs with a common goal to play good music and support the bands in the scene, the better. To these blogs, both existing and up-and-coming, I have always thrown in my whole-hearted support. We definitely need people with this singular vision during these trying times.]

Back to the gig. Earlier an audition hour was held, and I have been told that this is likely to go on in the months to follow. When I arrived at the venue, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy was playing. (For those of you who might be asking, this is The Marcos Cronies with a new frontman.) Prior to that, Tolonguez Death Squad played, as well as The Young Instigators (if I am not mistaken, Bing did a few numbers with them), and The GoSignals.

The Cronies were followed by surf enthusiasts Tango Bitoy (really cool guitar playing by Rod Mijares). Bad Omen did a surprise appearance right after. Rocket Punch played, initially with Mae of Shuffle Union doing the vox and dubs, then succeeded by Usual Suspects veteran Marlon. Barrio Morning Glory I believe was the last band to play that night.Apparently, the accessory of the night was HATS. (When will it ever be trenchcoats? Hahaha!) Below are some photos from the gig.

Bing Austria

The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy

Tango Bitoy

Bad Omen

Mae of Shuffle Union fronting Rocket Punch

Marlon of Usual Suspects singing for Rocket Punch

Barrio Morning Glory

I think I have already gotten my present computer running. (Thanks to Adobe Photoshop! Yay!) Glad to be blogging once again. Now it is not exactly my habit to promote my current indulgences, but I have two things to tell you, and I am quite excited:

1. I am starting another blog really soon, tentatively titled "Manila and Beyond."

2. Some queer changes in the playlist may be coming up, again, really soon, when my heart permits it. (Of course, I have a very permissive heart. Hahah!)

See you guys. Biiiizzzz!

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