Friday, February 29, 2008

ESCUEBAKS: A Nightful Of Photos And Music At Big Sky Mind

Came across a blog entry about a week or so ago, entitled "Music, Mind & Meaning" written by Polavoid. Can't help but be touched, especially upon reading the part where it states that this blog "... re-ignited my passion for the subculture and 'old school' ... renewed my interest in the underground scene; deepened my love of photography and writing; lifted my spirits and caused me to be nostalgic." Truth is, I had this line specifically in mind when I went to ESCUEBAKS, a photo exhibit-cum-gig held at Big Sky Mind at E. Rodriguez, Quezon City last Wednesday, 27 February 2008.

Escuebaks featured the works of photographer Jed Escueta. He is no stranger to the music scene in general. Aside from being seen in underground gigs in many occasions, he is the also the brother of Mark Escueta, popularly known as Rivermaya's timekeeper. Five bands played on this occasion; Music Front played, so did Peryodiko, Julianne, Coffee Break Island, and, of course, Rivermaya.

Some pics here.
Also had a chat with Jed Escueta himself, with a lot of help from friends. (Interview to come out ... as soon as I'm done transcribing :D)

It was a good night, all things considered: the music, the photos, the booze, the people who most likely have varying musical preferences but have somehow managed to come together for this occasion and converge in one tiny bar, something that I find perfectly cool.

To Polavoid, thank you for the kind words (were you at Big Sky that night?), and keep faith in the scene.

Capturing the moment: (Top to bottom) Photo Exhibit, Mark Escueta, Music Front, slamming, Peryodiko, Rivermaya, Julianne, Coffee Break Island.

This site has lent some photos to the Music Front MySpace page. Check 'em out.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 7 Part 3: IT'S THE NATURE OF SIN THAT'S BRINGING YOU DOWN

This segment's playlist:

1. ANGELIC UPSTARTS - "Woman in Disguise"
2. CHELSEA - "I'm on Fire"
3. BETRAYED - "President"
4. THE NEARBY CRIES - "What's Bringing You Down"
5. JUAN ISIP - "Goodbye Forever"

She's been through history,
but always appeared as the foe,
I saw her on a sailing ship,
it's name was the Bounty and she captained it,
She spoke of blossoms that were to bloom,
and the country whistled to her tune,
But the flowers were full of discontent,
and the youth were raped of everything they had left.

Man and woman, child and youth,
It must be now you know the truth,
She's the woman in disguise, she's the one who tells the lies.
Fight against the ugly race, and the idle wealth that's lost all face,
Man and woman, child and youth
It must be now you know the truth,
She's the woman in disguise, she's the one who tells the lies.

Deceitful heart that beats so strong,
and it's our blood that pumps it along,
I must be happy, I must be free,
It's your choice you've gotta see,
The birds fly free,
but in the same cage as you and me,
I was born with nothing but not in debt,
I won't pay for something that I'll never get.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Billy Boy Invades Trash Radio Manila

This morning, I received a letter from a “dawg” dog; I haven’t talked to him for a few days as he is down with one of his urticaria attacks secondary to fleas (and he had his hair cut because of this.) Below is his message detailing his preoccupation while not out in the street scaring off unsuspecting bystanders with his Rottweiler-like demeanor and growl.


Hey Trashradiomanila,

I got this email the other day and simply because I do not know what to do with it, I decided to forward it to you. It came from a dog. No, no, no. Not a “dawg” dog, but a real dog. Totoong aso. Seryoso. Aso. Lhasa Apso. (Yeah, for a minute there I was tempted to type “Lhasa ASO”, but that would have been too predictable.)

May pangalan pa siya. Billy Boy daw, at mahilig siya sa balut. (If only to prove his point, Billy Boy sent one of his videos. Seryoso. Panalo.)

Nothwithsatanding his balut-eating prowess, he also said he has a band, and he was wondering if I can A&R for him. Yeah, it’s weird, pero kasama nung video yung isang demo niya. Puppet!Puppet! daw ang pangalan ng banda at ang paliwanag niya, medyo mala-Stereolab trip out daw ang gruba. Totoo naman nang marinig ko. Mala-Stereolab nga. G’leng! May subtle hints din ng Savage Garden. (SERYOSO! Baduy man isipin, mala-“Truly Madly Deeply” [Yun ba title? Di ko sigurado eh] yung ibang parts ng chorus kung talagang pakikinggan mo.)

OKS si Billy Boy! Asong mahilig sa balut tapos may banda na mala-Stereolab ang tunog.

Sana parinig ninyo sa iba. May upcoming EP daw si Billy Boy. “Maraming Hudas” ang pamagat.

Music lover talaga siya. Eto, mga quote galing kay Billy Boy. (Di ko na ipe-paste yung ibang laman ng sulat niya ha. Medyo private eh.)


Big Boi's recommended sounds for relaxing go-li:

1. Lightning Bolt -- "Captain Caveman"
2. Belle and Sebastian -- "We are the Sleepyheads"
3. Jim O' Rourke -- 'Ghostship in a Storm"
4. The Lambrettas -- "Daaaance"
5. Gary Valenciano -- "Growing Up"

RUNNER-UP (para sa pulbuhan):

Rare Silk -- "New York Afternoon"
Michael Franks -- "On My Way Home to You" (supersuwabe ang boses at bigote)

Kanya yung huling parenthetics ha, hindi sa akin. Marunong din siya tumula…

Ang Makulay na Mundo ng Puppet! Puppet!

Mas masaya ang buhay
Kung may konting tinapay
At shoktong na tagay

Kapag ang mundo ay maganda
Hindi na halata ang garapata


Siya. Kayo na bahala kay wonder dog.

‘Till the next ambush,


Errr, what do you think? I for one am a sucker for real dogs. It's not everyday that I get to see a dog that eats balut like it is an art form or something. Oks din ang music. So why don't you guys check out Billy Boy and his exploits here. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 7 Part 2: Eto'ng Bato, Ipukpok Mo Sa Ulo Mo

1. HUSKER DU - "It's Not Funny Anymore"
2. DAYGLO ABORTIONS - "Religious Bumfucks"
3. NEW BOMB TURKS - "Sick Sermon"
4. JELLO BIAFRA with THE MELVINS - "Caped Crusader"
5. G.B.H. - "The Prayer Of A Realist"
6. DEAD KENNEDYS - "Religious Vomit"
7. AT THE GATES - "Slaughter Of The Soul"
8. FLATTBUSH - "Kontra'tado!"

At six years of age, I, semi-autistic cartoon-preoccupied Catholic school girl in my first year in primary school, had a very little inkling of what a human soul is like. I only knew that a soul is what comes out of the human body at death, yet another concept that was alien to me. And that I could not, pity my feeble brain, theoretically distinguish a soul from a spirit, or a ghost perhaps.

But what did I care then? I was living in comfort world, studying in a school just adjacent to a church, the school canteen annexed strategically to a funeral parlour. At recess time we just had to look at the windows to know if there was an ongoing wake; the reflection of the candles and incandescent bulbs on the window glass said it all. We would get our lunchboxes and eat and gleefully exchange stories, unmindful of what was at the other side of the wall.

Now we had a classmate named Rachel (not her real name) who was new to our school. We found Rachel to be rather unusual. For one, she hardly talked: the infrequent questions that went her way, most probably by accident, were returned with a sly smile and nothing more. She was never seen to use a handkerchief, so oftentimes she went around with snot dried up over her lips, which did not help to flatter her white face. Her school uniform always bore creases in all places, and if one was lucky he may be able to identify a number of areas that required reinforcement with numerous stitches. Her straight brown hair was unkempt at all times and needed de-lousing.

But most of all, we never saw her bring food, or buy snacks at the canteen for that matter. During recess time, Rachel would approach the richer kids, palm up, and hiss, her voice coming off a mouth most likely filled with saliva: Pahingi.

So it was no surprise that Rachel never joined one group, nor was welcomed by any. She would just mosey along, or stay near the sink for the most part of snack time, fidgeting with the contents of her pockets.

One day, the class was having an art activity. I asked permission to go to the canteen to drink from the tap faucet. My teacher agreed.

I descended onto the few steps of stairs that led to the canteen. The windows of the funeral parlour shone brightly as I walked.

Rachel was standing by the sink when I got there. Her hands were wet, the left holding a few one peso coins. She gave me a crooked smile. I whispered a tentative “hello” then leaned onto the faucet.

Rachel bent towards me and hissed.

Gusto mo makakita ng kaluluwa? (Would you like to see a soul?)”

I straightened my back and wondered what she meant.

Ano yun? (What did you say?),” I asked. Maybe I heard her wrong.

Rachel’s almond brown eyes gleamed. “Eto o. Hawak ko ang kaluluwa ng lola ko (Here, I am holding my grandmother’s soul),” and she opened her right hand. I looked at her palm and squinted my eyes.

I saw a few pieces of smooth white wafer-like material, like scraps of cement. Except that Rachel’s had a matte, powdery appearance to it. There were no traces of white residue or soap suds on her palm. Rachel was then grinning, her mouth revealing dirty, uneven set of teeth. The yellow light from the window was shining on her right cheek, rendering a rather grotesque appearance to her face. I got a bit scared, but my sense of curiosity prevailed.

Nahahawakan mo kaluluwa ng lola mo? Paano? (You are actually able to hold your grandmother’s soul? How is that possible?)’ Then pointing at Rachel’s right palm, I asked. “Paano mo nakuha ito? (How did you get this?)”

Rachel beamed.

Nang namatay ang lola ko, nilibing siya. Noong hinukay siya, nakita namin ito.” (When my grandmother died, she was buried. When her body was exhumed, we found this.) Rachel then went towards the faucet, and as water dripped from the tap, so did questions flow in my head. I found her tale to be too incredible.

She then continued.

Tapos kinuha ko to. Binasa ko siya kasama ang mga piso. Naging makikintab sila. Tingnan mo! (Then I got this and washed my peso coins with it. Look how shiny they’ve become!)” Rachel shook the shiny coins on her left hands. “Gusto mo subukan natin sa piso mo? (Would you like to try to do the same thing on your peso coin?)” she excitedly offered.

I touched the glistening coins on her palm, running my fingers on the embossed figures. I frowned.

Sabon naman yan eh! (That must be soap!)” I snorted, as I thought to myself how stupid I was to even start to think about believing her tall tale.

Hindi ito sabon! (This is not soap!)” Rachel insisted, drool threatening to escape from the corners of her mouth. “Kaya nga pahiram ng piso mo, ipapakita ko sa iyo na kikintab yun ng walang bula (That is why I’m borrowing your peso coin, I will show you that it is going to be shiny without creating any soapsuds.)” The shadows on her pale face were getting more and more grotesque. I would rather not wrong this girl since she was becoming creepier by the minute.

Hesitantly, I dug into my pocket. Taking out my dainty wallet, I clicked it open and picked out some dirty coins. Rachel, having kept her own set of shiny coins in her pocket, was nearly breathless, posed in her favorite gesture of supplication, as I was giving her my coins.

She tossed the coins and the “soul” and shook them together in her palms cupped upon another. Rachel then brought her hands to her mouth and muttered what seemed to be a spell. She placed her hands directly beneath the faucet, which continued to spew water.

I watched intently as Rachel mumbled more unintelligible words while gently wiping the coins and the “soul” alternately. My coins, and the soul of Rachel’s grandmother, in the hands of one girl so earnest to prove that she was not pulling my leg. The coins started to catch the reflection of candles and light bulbs from the window. No bubbles to diffuse the eerie glint of the coins, no words to break the morbid silence enveloping this irreverent ritual.

Finally, Rachel spoke.

Ayan, makintab na. (Here, they’re already shiny.)”

She brought the coins up close to my eyes.

Ang kintab nga! (Shiny indeed!)” I conceded as I started to pick up my coins from her palm, trying to avoid touching the white matter beneath.

Rachel, her face glittering with her little victory, inched nearer. Her white forehead, her glistening nose, the top of her upper lip smeared with sweat and snot, her crooked smile, her dirty, uneven teeth – for the first time, I had seen her countenance in full detail. I felt an unexplainable sense of fear.

Sige (Go ahead),” she urged, “Hawakan mo ang kaluluwa ng lola ko. (Touch my grandmother’s soul.)”

As if by trance, I lifted my right hand. I shivered as I tried to feel the “soul” that Rachel was alluding to. The white wafer remained matte, not at all slippery. The whole experience was making me sick on the spot.

With the little courage left in me, I spoke.

Rachel, baka hinihintay na ako ni Miss Aldaba. Baka magalit siya. (Rachel, Miss Aldaba, might be waiting for me. She might get mad at me.)”

Having said this, I quickly left, scurrying past the sink, past the sickening reflection off the window, past the short flight of stairs. I could no longer bear the sight of Rachel, palms up, holding her grandmother’s soul, anymore.

Reaching the classroom, I nodded to my teacher who then gestured me to my desk. I picked up my artwork with trembling hands, my heart throbbing hard and fast, my thoughts running crazily in my mind.

No. I had not seen a human soul before, but I had just touched one.

I shut my eyes tight.* * * * *

Rachel stayed in school for only a few months. We would still see her during snack time, fidgeting by the sink and talking to herself. I never got to talk to her again, nor did I tell my groupmates about my fateful encounter with her.

Sometimes, while I eat lunch with the group, I would catch Rachel looking at me, her little form illuminated by yellow light coming off the window of the funeral parlour….

Then she was gone, and no one has ever gotten to know where she went.

Human Soul In My Hands
16 August 2007

Photo credit: Grad pic courtesy of my good friend AL Bjornstad.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 7 Part 1 (22 YEARS, 1000 WORDS, 1000 PICTURES)

1. DEAD ENDS - "(Ano Ba Ang) Kalayaan?"
2. THE WUDS - "We (Just Like Before)"
4. DEANS DECEMBER - "I Read The News"
5. THE JERKS - "Rage"

They make no sense. Does justice prevail? You be the judge of that. Insane, insane, this is insane. You try to put shit inside my brain. Fools! You try to cover up the fuckin' truth. But my eyes are wide open, I can see through the lies. Because our new world had never been too loud. What happened to our generation? They're always looking in confusion. We're fighting just for you. We're doing this for you. But you're looking at us like an underground criminal.Welcome to the Dark Ages, the era of lies. Darkness indeed, dressed in blue. Sing a song against this terrible sight. And the names and the faces of the tyrants change, but poverty, pain and murder remain. Ano ba ang kalayaan? Ito ba'y katotohanan o panaginip lamang? One thousand pictures, one thousand words. They make no sense.

Photo credits: EDSA 1 picture from Picture 2 shows Egay dancing during last Friday's gig at Ten-02 Bar.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 6 Part 3: LOVE KA NI SATAN

Here goes. The latest installment of Episode 6. Best with beer, taho, and ZTE scandal updates. Enjoy!

1. THE ENGLISH BEAT - "Stand Down Margaret" (Dub)
2. THE BUSTERS - "Revolution Rock"
3. SKINDRED - "Pressure" (Acoustic)
4. MATISYAHU - "Youth"

As for me, I'm out for now, and shall be back by the end of the weekend. Have a good one y'all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 6 Part 2: Enjoy The Pain And Many More

Are you into water cure? Electric Shock? Steel drum torture? And many more?

Welcome to Part 2 of our sixth episode.

First on the list is Chickoy Pura's contribution to the famed Karapatang Pantao Double Album released in 1989, followed by the eclectic Roxlee with a track off The Ghost Of Rocker Janis album.

Asin comes next with "Magnanakaw", after which is "Ikaw Na May Baril" by Joey Ayala At Ang Bagong Lumad featuring the late Noe Tio on percussions.

The last two songs are currently enjoying heavy rotation in our site for their relevance: "Tuparin Natin Ang Banta Ng Ating Panahon" and "Bayan Ko."

Our playlist:

1. CHICKOY PURA - "Warning"
2. ROXLEE - "Man And Pig"
3. ASIN - "Magnanakaw"
5. ALEXANDER MARTIN REMOLLINO - "Tuparin Natin Ang Banta Ng Ating Panahon"

More timely tunes coming your way.

Photos of Roxlee's The Ghost Of Rocker Janis and Asin derived from scanned front sleeves. Pics of Chickoy and Joey courtesy of Jingle.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 6 Part 1: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

"Here comes the future and you can't run from it
If you've got a blacklist I want to be on it
It's a mighty long way down rock 'n roll
From Top of the Pops to drawing the dole
If no one seems to understand
Start your own revolution, cut out the middleman
In a perfect world we'd all sing in tune
But this is reality so give me some room
So join the struggle while you may
The Revolution is just a t-shirt away"

--- Billy Bragg

1. BILLY BRAGG - "Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards"
2. URBAN BANDITS - "Battle of Mendiola" (remix)
3. THE ALARM - "Marching On"
4. ALEXANDER MARTIN REMOLLINO - "Tuparin Natin Ang Banta Ng Ating Panahon"

And in the words of Gil Scott-Heron, "The Revolution will be LIVE."

Strange Days Indeed

Got word that it has been a bad post-Valentines Day Friday night for most organizers of gigs. The Timog Avenue strip for one was nearly dead as early as 1:30 am, the street filled mostly with taxi cabs waiting in vain for passengers. A gig in Manila was actually done by 12 midnight. Some bands were not able to play. So on and so forth.

A few people attributed this to the ongoing UP Fair ("Chong you have the whole of Sunken Garden to fill up"), but then again as far as I can remember this has not always been the case in the past. Friday will always be a Friday. Went around Saturday night to find some bars closing up early as well. So much for payday Valentines weekend.

Sign of the times? Friday is the same day when some ten thousand people trouped to Ayala Avenue, a physical manifestation that not everyone has been numbed forever by rampant graft and corruption among other things, and that there are still many Filipinos wanting change....

At any rate, that night we were at Ten-02 Bar and watched some bands such as Escalator 7
Mobster Manila

Bad Omen (they did covers of Third World Chaos, Urban Bandits, and surprise! Under Blue Skies)
Coffee Break IslandBadburn (at this point the batts of my trusty digicam conked out), plus a surprise visit from Music Front, led by "Justice" Arnold Morales.

spot the differences

And other bands I missed, because by that time we were outside chatting with some folks, eating taho, watching the near-empty street and wondering what is bound to happen in the days to come.

Welcome to another week, people, and may you all be safe. As the wonderful John Lydon said, and in reference to an Irish poem, "May the road rise with you."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tuparin Natin Ang Banta Ng Ating Panahon

Ni Alexander Martin Remollino

Matapos na babuyin ang mga balota
At baliin ang susing magbubukas sana
Sa mga kahong nagkakanlong sa tunay na pasya ng bayan,
Ang panipis na nang panipis na bituka ng mamamayan
Ay binutas,
Binutas ng rehimen.
At ang kalikasang noon pa’y nilamas-lamas
Ng mga dayuhan
Ay tuluyang sa kanila’y ipinagahasa.

Dumalas ang pagbaha ng mga paa sa lansangan,
Ang pagpinta ng mga bandila
At pagtuldok ng mga kamao
Sa himpapawid.
At bakit hindi?
Ang mga mamamaya’y mga tao,
Di tulad ng mga namumuno sa bansa.

Ngunit sapagkat iginigiit ang pagiging mga tao,
Ang sagot sa kanila ay dahasin,
Pataying parang mga hayop.
Ito raw ay upang maipagsanggalang ang demokrasya.

Ang demokrasya’y ipinagtatanggol
Ng rehimeng nahalal nang di nahalal,
Rehimeng gumahasa sa demokrasya.

Kaya’t halina,
Isigaw natin nang buong lakas
Ang hatol ng ating panahon:
Nararapat na gumulong
Ang ulong may suot na koronang ninakaw.
Isigaw natin ito hanggang sa mabuwag
Ng ating mga tinig ang mga alambreng pader ng Mendiola.
Tiyakin nating matutupad ang banta ng ating panahon:
Mene thecel phares* (Bilang na ang araw mo)
Huwad na Pangulo.

Produced by Artists for the Removal of Gloria (ARREST Gloria) Lyrics: Alex Remollino (Kilometer 64) Vocals: Lourd de Veyra (vocalist, Radioactive Sago Project) Music: Bobby Balingit (vocalist and lead guitarist, The Wuds) Sound mix: Southern Tagalog Exposure.

Trash Radio Manila Episode 5 Part 3: Love Is Dead

It's February 15. Valentines Day is over, you chumps. Love is dead like Pasig River.

The playlist:

1. SUEDE - "My Insatiable One"
2. STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - "Barbed Wire Love" (Peel Sessions)
3. DEADLINE - "Hanging On The Telephone"
4. THE BEAT - "Rock N Roll Girl"
5. THE CARS - "My Best Friend's Girl"
6. THE GODFATHERS - "Love Is Dead"
7. THE MR. T EXPERIENCE - "You Today"

No fancy intros or stuff today. I'm in a hurry to hit the road. I'm sure you are, too. So let's see each other then tonight on the road and in the gigs. Anyway, you have the whole weekend to listen to this segment. Byeee!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 15 Gigs!

A gig entitled St. Valentine's Alter Ego! at Ten-02 Bar along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Bisikleta Productions' Sound Bombing at Mayrics along Espana Avenue in front of UST. Geek Stink Breath: A Tribute To Green Day over at Club Dredd in Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City.

Plus, regulars The Jerks at 70s Bistro along Anonas St. Project 2, Quezon City, "Kerplunk!" over at Saguijo in Makati City, and Indie Night at Freedom Bar also along Anonas St.

Take your pick.

For more options, go to Bandscapes. Click here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 5 Part 2: How About Some Tuna?

Happy Valentines Day, you love-struck (and love-phobic) denizens!

By this time we suppose you've already found someone to spend Valentines Day with. But even if you haven't found anyone, or simply chose not to spend the day with anybody, allow us to provide you with a set of songs that depict the four-letter abstraction in its numerous forms.

For the first song off this segment, hear the charismatic Suggs do a convincing cover of Morrissey's obsessive "Suedehead." Then listen to the Marine Girls, Tracey Thorn's first band, as they sing a cut off the Beach Party album, "Fridays."

"Dreams And Desires" features Stiv Bators doing a narrative that can scare an unsuspecting Catholic girl off her wits, while "Never Talking To You Again" depicts the retaliation of a scorned ego. Meanwhile, Annabella Lwin gamely illustrates how a woman achieved orgasmic heights in "Sexy Eiffel Towers."

More cariño brutal follows with songs from Suicidal Tendencies and Blood For Blood. The segment is capped with Flogging Molly singing about ending up with "The Wrong Company."

This segment's playlist:

1. SUGGS - "Suedehead" (Live)
2. MARINE GIRLS - "Fridays"
3. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - "Dreams and Desires"
4. HUSKER DU - "Never Talking To You Again"
5. BOW WOW WOW - "Sexy Eiffel Towers"
6. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - "Won't Fall In Love Today"
7. BLOOD FOR BLOOD - "So Common, So Cheap"
8. FLOGGING MOLLY - "The Wrong Company"

More tuna coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned. Meow!

Pic credits: Cartoons lifted from Kirstie McIntosh's blog, modified to fit the feline's mood. (Seriously, it's a funny read.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 5 Part 1: Seeing Red

Looking for love in all the wrong places? You might just find it here, if you listen closely.

In celebration of the dreaded Valentines week, Trash Radio Manila brings to you Part 1 of Episode 5 titled "Seeing Red."

Let Ian McKaye and the boys smother you with spit as they announce that they are seeing red. Then cavort with the young lads from Sheffield as Alex Turner sourgrapes about a lost girl in "Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts."

Want advise from the older hats? "Wake Up" is one of the products of Tim Armstrong's collaboration with the Aggrolites where he sang, well, a mouthful. Find yourself bobbing your head along with Suggs and the rest of Madness, who remain as energetic as ever as they do one of their more recent tunes, "NW5."

Or maybe you might just want to groove along with Royal Crown Revue, or fall for Susie Arioli's cool-as-spring vocals, or dance along with Richard Cheese and his kooky version of Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher."

This segment's playlist:

1. MINOR THREAT - "Seeing Red"
2. ARCTIC MONKEYS - "Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts"
4. MADNESS - "NW5" (Live)
5. ROYAL CROWN REVUE - "Stormy Weather"
6. SUSIE ARIOLI - "He's Funny That Way"

Still haven't found love yet? Stay tuned for more "love songs" in our next segments. What? Did you say "hot teacher?" Just strain your eyes a bit more and you'll find one, too.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 4 Part 3: Break The Silence

Break The Silence is the latest offering from the Pinoy hardcore superstars out there in Singapore, T.S.A. (Hehe, nalagyan na kasi ng Kaya Jam.) Break The Silence is also the title of our newest all-Pinoy segment, which starts off with the Dead Ends' classic "Don't Drop Your Guns/Noise Barrage."

Next on the list is Sex Militants, which has presently reincarnated into The Nu Militants, and their signature song, "Bloody Nutter." And what would this list be without Urban Bandits? "Battle Of Mendiola," in spite of it being written some twenty-odd years ago, remains as timely as ever.

G.I. And The Idiots are also in with "The Flag," which came out of The Fascinating World Of Garbage album. The song is followed by "Violent Dispersal" by R.D.A. off the album Brave United In Trust.

After a few years and a round or so of line-up changes, the band formerly called The Mighty Contras is now Contras. Brave New World veteran Bong from Vex is the only remaining original member. The current line-up includes Ahmad on the mic, Nomer on guitars, Wang on bass, and Bong on skins. On the playlist is their song "Not A Skunx." On the other hand, I personally have not had any news about Huh!; I am not sure if the group has already disbanded. But they did come out with a self-titled album sometime in 2002, from which "Bored Generation" is taken.

Sadly, too, that Sputterdoll, the Fil-Am pop punk band from San Francisco, California, have taken an indefinite period of hibernation after "cheering up emo kids one show at a time." Out of the You Sing I Sing We All Sing For Icing Compilation Vol. 1 comes their contribution "World of Hazelle." You can check out their MySpace site here. (Dig the Hello Kitty strat!) Making noise down the Queen City of The South for quite sometime now is Left Of Center; in the playlist is the song "Break."

For the finale. We have selected two T.S.A. songs from their album Break The Silence. Two songs, because, they sing too fast and the songs are too short. (And of course, there's the Kaya Jam.) If you dig the songs, you know how to get in touch with them guys. Click here.

This segment's playlist:

1. DEAD ENDS - "Don't Drop Your Guns/Noise Barrage"
2. SEX MILITANTS - "Bloody Nutter"
3. URBAN BANDITS - "Battle Of Mendiola"
4. G.I. AND THE IDIOTS - "The Flag"
5. R.D.A. - "Violent Dispersal"
6. CONTRAS - "Not A Skunx"
7. HUH! - "Bored Generation"
8. SPUTTERDOLL - "World Of Hazelle"
9. LEFT OF CENTER - "Break"
10. T.S.A. - "Pull Me/Wala Nang Mura"

(Dead Ends' photo courtesy of HP and Jingle. Contras: Wang, Ahmad, Nomer, Bong.)

My sincerest thanks to Ojie and Pedro of T.S.A. for their generosity and humour. Here is a remembrance from the meeting a few days ago.

(Shiny happy people: Ojie, Pedro, Gigi, Je, Dennis, Jun, Bunek, Arnold)