Monday, February 4, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 3 Part 3: Pinoy Pa Rin. Di Ba?

Obviously, we had a grand time mixing Pinoy songs and setting them afire on our site's music player for your auditory consumption and satisfaction. So we present to you another segment packed with tracks coming from some of the best and the brightest bands in the Pinoy ska/reggae/rocksteady genre.

Run Lucy Run is from Cagayan De Oro City. The band contributed "Red Shoes" to the Ska City United Compilation CD which came out a few years ago. Second in the list is Shuffle Union's rare 2006 demo version of a live favorite called "Rocksteady."

Arguably the first Pinoy ska band of the 80s, Lost Boys came out with a demo of their song called "Silly Questions." For those in the know, the intro to the song was actually a stinger for Howlin' Dave's seminal radio show over at DZRJ 810AM called "Pinoy Rock 'n' Rhythm." Guess whose voice that was on the stinger.

Next comes Coffee Break Island and a rare demo version of their rocksteady tune "Let You Go." The greatly familiar yet hard to find "S On My Chest" is by Indio I. Capping the segment is "Lovers Of Cancabato" by the Tacloban-based band Eye-Me And The Royal Skavengers.

The list:

1. RUN LUCY RUN - "Red Shoes"
2. SHUFFLE UNION - "Rocksteady"
3. LOST BOYS - "Silly Questions"
5. INDIO I - "S On My Chest"
6. EYE-ME AND THE ROYAL SKAVENGERS - "Lovers Of Cancabato"

From what we know, you can catch Indio I and Coffee Break Island most Saturdays at Xaymaca along Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Get ready for some noise in the days to come.

Powershot moments: Mae and JR of Shuffle Union, Paul of Coffee Break Island, Jun and Vic of Indio I

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