Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bad Omen (In More Ways Than One) At Penguin Bar, Plus Kaya Jam From Singapore!

It was a good night for a drink and a gig last Saturday, February 2. Our group was prowling the streets of Manila when, seized by curiosity about how Manila nightlife is doing with the great Mayor Lim at the helm, we decided to head towards Penguin Bar over at Remedios Circle.

What a nice coincidence. We saw a considerable number of people outside the gate. Found out that there was an ongoing event called "Alay Kay Jess Santiago" which featured bands of various genre, ranging from Pinikpikan to Dead Sperm. Whoa! Decided to check it out briefly and saw these.The group had a little chit chat with Jon Fishbone of Bad Omen afterwards. We would have stayed longer but...for some unusual reasons we've been told that the gig has already been cancelled. @#+?! What was that supposed to mean? The group, seeing no reason to hang around any longer, opted to go somewhere north, in a place called Garahe located at Sct. Tobias (Crazy Daizy, anyone?) and drank the night away (oh alcohol, glad to have you once again.)

We ended up being 24-hour party people since 12 hours later (and still wearing the same clothes from the night earlier) we met up with a fellow who had flown in from Singapore, fresh as the kaya jam he brought us. (Thanks! Thanks! Ang saraap!) This guy, who is one-third of the great international Pinoy hardcore artists collectively called T.S.A., will be here for barely a week. The other third will be flying in Thursday. We hope the last third does too.

This promises to be a noisy week for all.

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