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Public Service For Now: The Wrath of Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy (and more to come?!) PLUS Benefit Gig Tonight For The Victims Of Typhoon Ondoy At Ten02 Bar

Indulgence please. Public service first before the playlists and gig updates. I have written about the havoc wrecked by Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy and the means for you guys to help in my other blog and I am reprinting it here.

PUBLIC SERVICE: A TYPHOON NAMED KETSANA/ONDOY (and many more typhoons to come?!)

Ketsana (PAGASA name: Ondoy) : the proper name for the typhoon that left Metro Manila (National Capital region, Republic of the Philippines) and its surrounding areas practically underwater, creating what is now said to be the worst flood to have hit Manila in 50 years.

The winds started rushing in late in the morning of Saturday, September 26, and soon after the rains were pouring in. Perhaps I underestimated this outburst of Mother Nature, because I was still bent on walking from my house to Powerplant Mall to get some groceries.

Many hours later, I found out that I was one lucky lucky bastard.

Lucky because, I live in a high place and my area was one of the very few parts of the metro which was not hit by floods: all I had to deal with along the way that fateful Saturday was numerous puddles and temporarily lost cable and connection services. SMS were coming in from friends, mainly checking on one another's safety, and then reality gripped me. More than 80% of Metro Manila was flooded, leaving 246 people dead (as of the latest count) and many more homeless, without electricity, food, and water,

This is just an example of how the typhoon has affected the lives of even the people I know. Fortunately for my friend Jan, the floods receded and her family was alright. (You can read about her own account here and see some other photos courtesy of Maren Mae here.) As of this time, there are still people left stranded on the rooftops and in buildings, and as such boats and divers' services were being solicited. Many homeless families in Marikina, one of the places hardest hit by the storm, are cramped in classrooms, babies still covered with mud, and many with wounds. There is no electricity nor water for the most part of the area. It is likely indeed that an epidemic will break soon.

It also does not help to know that another typhoon is about to come in on Thursday, tomorrow .... (yep, Parma is not just another name for ham nor the Italian city anymore :( )

It is disheartening, to say to the least. TIME asks succinctly, why wasn't Manila prepared? Indeed, when disasters like this hit our city, we often find ourselves huddled, fending for ourselves, helping one another, cursing tragedy and thanking the heavens at the same time ... and the government, until 3 to 4 days later, was hardly in sight...and that's another (bad) story.

Eventually it is just about us, and the people who care, the people we care for, and the people who need our care.

There are many ways to help, and a list can be found here. A good friend forwarded me this link which will take you to a spreadsheet containing a good number of places where goods and monetary help can be donated. This is sufficient information for the moment. Do take time in going over the list, that alone can give you many ideas on how to help out. No one should pressure you to give beyond your means, for no effort is too small nor insignificant, as long as it comes from the heart. Another very useful link here on ML Quezon III's blogsite. Check it out.

[I will be going back to my usual self-indulgent posts next time when it is more appropriate. *grins* See you later, friends.]

I am aware that most of our musicians may have suffered the same fate, getting affected by floods at various degrees. I hereby am opening this particular post for comments, fora, and suggestions on how and where and who will need help in the community. Also please check out the chatbox. To those hard hit by the floods (Albert of TBOD, Nomer of Shuffle Union, etc), is it possible to get updates about their present situation?

In the light of this tragedy, a benefit gig will be held tonight at Ten02 Bar at Timog Avenue, Quezon City...if you have time to spare, please check it out. Juan Pablo Dream will be playing, as well as Alak Pa, Skarlett of course, probably Pink Cow, and 2 more bands that escape me at the moment.

And for the friggin' powers that be, did you have Dead Kennedys' "Kill The Poor" in mind when millions of people in Manila and the surrounding areas were being hit by the storm?!


[playing right now: Dead Kennedys' Kill The Poor]

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