Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bing Austria Show on a Very Very Wet September Night

The rains had been pouring in torrents the whole day yesterday, which was such a bummer because, really, non-stop rains can put anyone's spirits down the gutter. Especially so perhaps when you live, or have to report to work in one of those places notorious for flooding up at the slightest downpour. España, the location of Sazi's Bar and the current home of The Bing Austria Show, is one of these places.

Thus, it was quite a miracle that the affair was still decently attended. Not jam-packed, it's more like being in a dingy (pardon the term, it was the first term that came to mind when I entered Sazi's last night - their aircon was out of order!) jazz bar with a sizeable crowd of regulars on a weeknight. Except that the music playing on the stage was a combination of ska, rockabilly, hiphop, mod, and punk.

Unfortunately I missed the performances of Bembol Rockers (wow, labo, how could I have possibly missed these guys?) and AMPON (wow, ang labo talaga, isa ko pang na-miss). Also missed Coffinride, which I was told gave a solid performance. Some bands did not show up: Gut Reaction, Tango Bitoy, Steady Movin' Beat, Skies Of Ember. Pity.

Neighbors did perform (haven't seen these lads for so long, though I expected the line-up changes), as well as The GoSignals, who at present have been regularly including their original, "ELISA", in their set. Also saw Life Without Francis (with the Umble Uno horny guys), Earthlings, and Pusakals. Ojie of TSA (occasionally donning the "Pharaoh" look), was likewise present.

Some photos here. [In order: Pusakals, Neighbors, Earthlings, The GoSignals, Life Without Francis]

Coming Up!

The boys of T.S.A. are playing this weekend: Friday at the Leprechaun Bar, Saturday at Ten02. Something to look forward to. Watch out for updates. have a good week ahead, and don't let the rains get you down.

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