Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Again, And Again (Upcoming December Gigs, Including A Tribute Gig For AAW's Peter Bautista)

With this short announcement of upcoming gigs come sad tidings, as if the multitude of tragedies that have hit people individually and collectively is not enough.

Asawhole's Peter Bautista died, and a tribute gig called Beat The Count will be held at Santa Rosa, Laguna on December 12. Please refer to the siderail for the poster and the details of the gig. Rest In Peace, Peter.

Other gigs posters are up at the siderail, like the December edition of The Bing Austria Show, Rockers and Mods, MAIM's Silent Night NOT, and the Krupskaya gig. More announcements to come as we go along.

Hang in there folks ... we'll get through this year alive and in one piece. Cheers to you all.

Photo of AAW from their MySpace site, as captured by Jim Tan Nuevo.

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