Thursday, December 3, 2009

Days Like These (The Horse Of Yokaba's Metal & Hardcore/Punk Nite!, November 28, 2009, Saturday, Leprechaun Bar, QC)

The year 2009 is above to come to a close, consequentially ending what Time Magazine calls "The Decade From Hell". Of course, this is relative, with the article citing disasters of various forms that had hit mainly America and, eventually, most part of the world. The Philippines, for one, did not fare any better, and for a time the running joke within many circles was that our poor country cannot be hard hit by global recession, simply because our economy has long been in recession in the first place.

[Photo at right is from the TIME website; please click here.]

So when someone from another dimension said in a good friend's dream that "Hell is overrated", I can almost believe that this statement was actually uttered and was not just a figment of a grieving person's imagination. Hell is overrated, indeed: this probably is the closest thing to hell for the majority who live far beyond their means.

However, it cannot be all that bad.

Sometimes all we need is just to sharpen our vision. When we do not see anything, we sharpen our reflexes. And then rely on something we call faith.

The music scene, too, went through really hard times, no thanks to information overload and lack of inspiration. (For instance, many of these bands on mainstream sound alike. Worse, I just do not dig the uninspired covers of songs being done left and right.) The scene is starting to lose the stalwarts, and definitely it needs more than just faith to keep the candle burning....

Gigs like Yokaba's Metal & Hardcore/Punk Nite and proponents like Boyet Miguel continue to keep the scene alive, and we need more...

More inspiration, more movers, more sustenance, more involvement....and the list goes on.

Anyway, enough with the rant. Some of the bands that played last Saturday at the Leprechaun Bar were West (which I did not get to see), Mihara (I swear these guys are really better heard live: they are solid.), DOA, Bad Omen, Piledriver, Tame The Tikbalang, and End Of Man. Below are some photos. It was a well-attended affair, and food and beer at my side of the table was, well, near overflowing. (Salamat, Romel!)



Bad Omen


Tame The Tikbalang

End Of Man

More gigs coming up, I do keep the siderail updated with gig posters for the most part (heehee). Kitakits!

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