Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Weekends That Were


The wailers: Dennis Maniego, Albert Ascona, Jun Quiane, and frenzied pair during T.S.A.'s gig over at the Leprechaun Bar, September 18, 2009

I sure missed a lot these past weekends. Though I was lucky enough to catch the fantastic T.S.A. during the September 18 gig at the Leprechaun Bar sponsored by Filter Zine (Huwaaaaaaat? Antagal na pala? Shame shame. :( ), I missed the Bisikleta-sponsored T.S.A. sortee at Ten02 bar. Yes I also missed the Tarlac gig last October 10 (featuring Throw, Tame The Tikbalang, Bad Omen, and a whole lot more, my apologies for not having posted the poster, very very sorry), and I friggin' missed The Bing Austria Show the day after and the "Picking Up The Pieces" fund raising gig last October 12. Please don't ask me what has happened to me these past few weeks, it is something very very horrendous and not worth sharing here. (Sob sob sob, I sure hope to get over this year in one piece, I seriously do!). Suffice to say though that while things were battering me up to pieces (grrrr...), all seems to be alive and thriving this side of the music scene.

Will be posting my backlogs real soon. Below are some photos taken from T.S.A.'s Leprechaun gig and the October 10 Tarlac gig. (Thank you so much to Mina for the incredible photos of the Tarlac gig. Are you the female Andy Rosen? :))) )

T.S.A., Leprechaun Bar, September 18, 2009

Ojie of T.S.A.

Pedrobandido, T.S.A.

T.S.A. with Arnold Morales doing "Blood In Every Heart"

Throw with Ojie of T.S.A.

Tarlac, October 10, 2009

Russell Eustaquio of Tame The Tikbalang

Jun Idiot

Jun, Boyet, Al, Russ, Albert

Tarlac Kids

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