Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scenes From Mash It Up! last September 19

First things first. Glitches are life's necessary evils. If we want to totally do away with them, then we're better off dead.

Bisikleta Productions' Mash It Up! last Friday, September 19 was not spared from glitches. For one, there was the heavy downpour during the early evening, though in spite of this, Bela Bar was filled up. Then there was technical hassle. As you very well know, Trash Radio Manila did not get to spin, no thanks to that guy whose mind has a semblance of that of a cretin's. And, in the heat of a band's set, a commotion stirred, which was promptly quelled.

But, fortunately for us in attendance, these glitches did not take away the fact that Mash It Up! had been a very enjoyable affair. Some points are in order:

1. The final line-up, aside from the four major acts (The GoSignals, Shuffle Union, Music Front, and Contras), consisted of T.R.A., King Kong Wasabi, Pink Cow, and Steady Movin' Beat.

2. I made the horrid mistake of typing Hong Kong Wasabi (instead of King Kong Wasabi) in my past post. To the band, I am sorry. For those who know me better, you would very well know that this error is, well, Freudian.

3. I have seen T.R.A. on a few occasions, and I find their demeanor onstage delightful, and their choice of covers good.

4. Contras - as far as I am concerned - gave the nastiest performance of the night. Cheers, lads!

5. All things taken, Hilboy scores once again. Congratulations!

Photos here.


King Kong Wasabi

Pink Cow

Music Front

The GoSignals


Shuffle Union

Steady Movin' Beat

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