Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 9 Part 1 (IT'S STILL ALL ROCK N ROLL)

Welcome Monday, Welcome Episode 9!

The playlist:

1. THE LIVING END - "Monday"
2. GAZA STRIPPERS - "Catfight"
3. NEW BOMB TURKS - "Rat Feelings"
4. HELLBILLYS - "Rockabilly Rumble"
5. THE CANNIBALS - "Garbage Man"
6. ELVIS HITLER - "Flat Head Boogie"
7. BRIAN SETZER - "Stray Cat Strut" (Live)

This week's first segment is a mish-mash of tunes traversing the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. It's a rattling kettle of rockabilly, psychobilly, full-bore rock n roll, trash rock (hahahah, sounds like trash radio), what-have-you.

The Australian band The Living End kicks off with "Monday", followed by the Midwesterners Gaza Strippers and New Bomb Turks. From the Bay area come the psychobilly stalwarts Hellbillys (they've been around since 1989!) with "Rockabilly Rumble", as well as The Cannibals with "Garbage Man".

Elvis Hitler, the band with the delightful monicker, does "Flat Head Boogie" from the album with an equally delightful name, Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious, released in 1992. Capping everything off is Brian Setzer, a supremely excellent guitarist and musician, playing "Stray Cat Strut" live in front of a predominantly Japanese crowd off the Rockin By Myself DVD.

Photo Credits: Hellbillys logo comes from their website, Elvis picture is from Check them out!

Download high bitrate version of this playlist here.

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