Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rejected Sounds: Bystorm and T.S.A. Live In Singapore

By now many of you have heard that Bystorm is currently making their rounds in Singapore and Malaysia, armed with their brand of hardcore. They have gone a long way since I last saw them in March 2006 during the Free The Eleven Solidarity Gig at the defunct Kolumn Bar in Timog. Best wishes to these guys. You may want to check out their MySpace site here.

One of the gigs that has Bystorm lined up is entitled "Rejected Sounds", a hardcore gig produced by Prohibited Projects featuring Nanny State Noise, Steve Towson, Zai Kuning (all three are from Singapore), and our very own T.S.A. So if you live somewhere near Bugis Market Area, or will be in Singapore or in Malaysia by March 16, or are simply too rich to afford a flight to the lion city in a jiff, then do check out this gig. For more details, please refer to the poster below.

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