Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 8 Part 2: FRAILTY THY NAME IS WOMAN

Thus goes the often-quoted (oftentimes out of context at that) line off Shakespeare's Hamlet. In commemoration of International Women's Month, we have prepared an all-estrogen playlist for tonight.

First on the list is Justine Frischmann and the rest of Elastica with a Trio cover, "Da Da Da." Next is another cover, this time of a James Brown song, by The Flying Lizards, a group that was, according to Mark Allen, "... arranged according to the laws of chance."

Off the CD-1 of the Ladykillers single comes the third song on the list, "Ex" by Lush, followed by Family Fodder and their brilliant song "Debbie Harry". The Portland, Oregon-based The Epoxies, fronted by a woman interestingly called Roxy Epoxy, does "Stop Looking At Me." Capping the segment is the duo The Raincoats and "Don't Be Mean."

The list:

1. ELASTICA - "Da Da Da"
2. FLYING LIZARDS - "Sex Machine"
3. LUSH - "Ex"
4. FAMILY FODDER - "Debbie Harry"
5. THE EPOXIES - "Stop Looking At Me"
6. THE RAINCOATS - "Don't Be Mean"

Download the high bitrate version of the playlist here.

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