Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 13 Part 2: Esoteriska

Yes. We're still doing Episode 13 :">

Part 2 goes out to a friend who visited the house last week. Initially professing that he abhorred ska and reggae, he somehow modified his statement after discovering The Specials featured extensively in a recent issue of a popular UK magazine. "Ok," he says, in essence, with renewed conviction. "Actually, I like traditional and two-tone ska; I just couldn't dig the so-called third wave ska sound. Reggae? Maybe I'm just sick of the usual Marley stuff." (For this statement, I could not quite blame the guy. I know a lot of people who, after listening to just a couple of Bob Marley tunes, pass themselves off as reggae connoisseurs. But I digress.) And yes, he hates DOT reggae twice as much. Go figure.

We do hope he doesn't end up hating the playlist that we have prepared for him. I mean, you have here Hepcat, ska legends in their own right, as well as St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review, a ska band off the Russian Federation which can swing and skank at the same time. Oh yeah, this friend of ours admits to liking Lily Allen, so we have also included a song from this talented artist. He might as well find the Skoidats and Skavoovie delightful as well. And how about the collective known as BOTAR? At any rate, if you have not heard of these guys yet, then check out this playlist:

1. HEPCAT - "I Can't Wait"
3. LILY ALLEN - "Friday Night"
4. SKOIDATS - "Still Standing"
5. SKAVOOVIE and the EPITONES - "The Coffee Connection"

High bitrate playlist can be downloaded here.

We're entering into another (busy) week. Do stay with us for more playlists, as well as a write-up on a local artist. Have a great week ahead.

Photos of Hepcat, St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review, Lily Allen, and Skavoovie all come from their respective sites, links which are provided above.

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