Friday, April 4, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 12 Part 2: Trashtalking

I would have wanted to name this episode "Too Old To Work, Too Young To Die" ... but "Trashtalking" it shall be. The sentiments expressed in this tune are more apt, more universal.

Go think of someone you wanna trash talk and spit the following lines on their faces. (That shouldn't be so hard.)

"You talk too much!
Trashtalker, shitspeaker, just shut your mouth!"

Ahhh, doesn't that feel great?

More trash talk here:

1. BLOOD FOR BLOOD - "Love Song"
2. MADBALL - "My Rage"
3. THE VIGILANTES - "Too Old To Work, Too Young To Die"
4. THE AGITATORS - "Trashtalker"
5. THE CLASS ASSASSINS - "Without Warning"
6. THE UNSEEN - "Waste of Time"

Want high-res trash talk? Click here.

The Agitators image is borrowed from their MySpace. Check it out.

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